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Membrane Development for Osmotic Power Generation

Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) utilizes osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane to generate osmotic energy. In PRO, water spontaneous flows from a...

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Robotic System for Inspection of Larger Diameter Sewers

Public Utilities Board (PUB) maintains the sewerage reticulation system in Singapore with about 3,500km of public sewers and more than 90,000...

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Evapoporometry Technique for the Characterisation of Pore Size Distribution and Porosity of Membranes or Other Porous Materials

This technology relates to an apparatus and method for determining the...

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More Reliability and Less Water Consumption with Qualitative Chemical-free Water Hardness Monitoring

Water softening plants can produce temporary or permanent hard water for various reasons, which...

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Optical Fibre-Based Humidity Sensor for Harsh Environments

This optical fibre sensor has been developed in cooperation with an industrial collaborator that has an application requiring a sensor...

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Biological Peptide-based Agrochemical Technology

The current crop protection chemicals, especially insecticides, are dominated by synthetically derived compounds that cause harm to the environment and...

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The Fastest, Simplest & Cheapest Way to Verify Hygiene

As pressure to reduce food waste increases, food & beverage producers are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure high standards of...

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Integrated Reverse Osmosis Module(iRO) with Energy Recovery for Desalination

The Integrated Reverse Osmosis module (iRO) is a compact, energy efficient module being further developed and proven in...

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Photosensitizer-Polypeptide Conjugate for Anti-Microbial Protection and Air Purification

This technology works via a dual anti-microbial mechanism, combining a photosensitizer compound and an anti-...

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