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Technology Needs ( Foods - Packaging & Storage )

Seeking Innovation in Snacking

A global snacking company is seeking technologies or ingredient options to produce snacks differently. Snacks that deliver a sense of emotional and physical well-being...

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Seeking Digital Modelling and Simulation Technologies to Reduce Product Development Times

A world-leading snacking company is seeking to build a mature digital infrastructure of modelling and...

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Seeking New Packaging Technologies for E-Commerce, Product Security & Sustainability

A world-leading snacking company is seeking new packaging technologies to enhance its e-commerce operations with...

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Seeking New Technologies to Improve Packaging and Polymer Sustainability

Plastic waste and its impact on the planet is a broad, systemic issue that consumers care deeply about, and which requires a...

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Future of Beverages Innovation Challenge

CO-INNOVATE AND CO-CREATE WITH USThe world is changing rapidly with breakthrough innovations driven by the outside world. As a global beverage company, it...

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Seeking Packaging Technology with Freshness Indication for Fresh Produce

Harvested fresh produce is one of the most challenging food product category to be packaged. During the post-harvest period,...

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