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Technology Offers ( Foods - Packaging & Storage )

Innovative Ultrasonic Humidification Technology for Seafood Processing

A German R&D organization with extensive expertise of more than 30 years in food, aquaculture, biomass, and process...

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Long-Term Insoluble Anti-Biofilm Protection Nanoparticle

Biofilm is the main form for bacteria and within the biofilm it is highly resistant to disinfectants, antibiotics or the host immune system....

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Controlled Release Delivery System for Ambient Treatment Applications

This technology encapsulates a high level of volatile actives and then continuously releases them in controlled dosages. The gel...

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Biodegradable Controlled Release Microparticles for Non-Medical Applications

Through a proprietary matrix encapsulation technique, active ingredients are incorporated into a polymer matrix particle....

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Low Shear Extrusion for Premium Frozen Smoothie & Ice Cream

A German research institute has developed a novel extrusion technology that can be included in cold food products manufacturing, such as ice...

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Pulsed Electric Field to Preserve Juices and Liquid Foods

A research consortium focused on food processing and preservation technologies has developed and optimized Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)...

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Process To Remove Anti-Nutrients From Foods For Better Absorption

A Singapore-based food biotechnology company has developed a technology that can enhance the bioavailability of nutrients present in...

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Warm Preservation Technology for Food

The technology involves the preservation of cooked or pre-cooked food at warm temperature (60 Degree Celsius and above), while maintaining the organoleptic...

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Sustainable Food Packaging for Meal Delivery, Instant Meals and Takeaway Foodservice

This is a flexible takeaway packaging solution that is completely flat during transportation and transforms...

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