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Technology Needs ( Foods - Processes )

Seeking Improved Delivery Forms & Methods, and Bioavailability for Dietary Supplements

A global health functional food company is seeking improved delivery forms and methods for dietary...

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Seeking Personalised Nutrition Solutions for Supplements and Functional Foods

Personalised nutrition—individually-tailored nutrition that works just right for each body and microbiome—is a growing...

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Seeking Botanical Extraction Technologies for Functional Ingredient Production

Continually developing ingredients from nature in a range of categories -- from skin, diet, joint and muscle health to...

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Seeking Microbiome Solutions for Health and Skin Supplementation

The human body is home to trillions of gut bacteria, which make up the microbiome. The components that keep the microbiome in balance...

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Future of Beverages Innovation Challenge

CO-INNOVATE AND CO-CREATE WITH USThe world is changing rapidly with breakthrough innovations driven by the outside world. As a global beverage company, it...

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