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Quality Control Marker and Its Use in Herbs Authentication

As an increase of people’s awareness of health, traditional Chinese medicine, is becoming more popular to be adopted by many Asians....

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Probiotic Beer

Global opportunities are tremendous in today’s context, where consumers and governments are getting increasingly health conscious. There is a rising trend in specialty craft beers and...

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Garlic Oil Preparation and Innovation for Bioactive and Odorless Oil Capsule: The Powerful Food Supplement for Health Promotion and Well Beings

Garlic (Allium sativum), one of the best herbs for...

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Blockchain Technology for Food Traceability and Data Security

Our 7 years of R&D led to the creation of a decentralized platform that runs on a custom built blockchain: a powerful shared global...

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Drying of Fruits and Vegetables by Multi-line Vacuum Dryer

An SME in the food processing industry has developed a novel vacuum dryer to process food products. In conventional food processing...

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