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Seeking Crushable Capsules to Encapsulate Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Flavours

IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner from UK to seek crushable capsules for encapsulation of a wide spectrum...

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Seeking Flexible, Durable Packaging Process Consumer Products at Elevated Temperatures

IPI is working with our Open Innovation partner from UK to identify flexible and durable packaging to hold...

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Seeking Innovative Meat Flavouring and Preserving Technologies

We are working with a food manufacturing business and brand owner whose products include cured, chilled meat. Curing is a traditional...

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Seeking Project Proposals for Germany Singapore SME Funding Programme

 Are you a German or Singapore technology company looking for partners to co-innovate on product development, access new...

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Seeking Eco-friendly, Waterproof, Food-grade Liner Material to Replace Plastic Film

Packaging solutions are important across all industries as it protects the goods from potential risks that can...

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Seeking Proposals for Joint R&D Projects between Singapore and Israel

The Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) is a co-operation between Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Israel...

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Seeking Methods to Reduce or Eliminate Chemicals/Water in Sanitation Process

IPI is working with our open innovation partner to seek novel bottle and/or bottle closure sanitation methods that reduce...

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Seeking Revolutionary Plant Protein Sources

The technology seeker seeks to incorporate new plant proteins into their world-class foods and beverages.Consumers are increasingly selecting products that...

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Seeking Natural Sweetener Alternatives with Compatible Bulking Agents

High intensity sweeteners (HIS) and sweetener systems, which are many times sweeter than sugar, are widely used as an alternative...

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