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Technology Needs ( Foods )

Seeking Personalised Nutrition Solutions for Supplements and Functional Foods

Personalised nutrition—individually-tailored nutrition that works just right for each body and microbiome—is a growing...

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Seeking Water Measurement Methodologies in the Baking Process

Defined as the ability to hold water, the water holding capacity of ingredients can influence the texture and taste of food products....

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Seeking Innovation in Snacking

A global snacking company is seeking technologies or ingredient options to produce snacks differently. Snacks that deliver a sense of emotional and physical well-being...

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Seeking Microbiome Solutions for Health and Skin Supplementation

The human body is home to trillions of gut bacteria, which make up the microbiome. The components that keep the microbiome in balance...

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Seeking Digital Modelling and Simulation Technologies to Reduce Product Development Times

A world-leading snacking company is seeking to build a mature digital infrastructure of modelling and...

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Seeking Natural Systems for Reduction in Pesticides, Fungicides and Fertilisers on Key Crops

A world-leading snack company is seeking for natural and safe means to increase growth on key crops such as...

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Seeking Technologies & Methodologies to Mitigate Fat Bloom in Chocolate

Fat or chocolate bloom— a white or greyish film that causes a general dulling of the surface—may occur in multiple situations...

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Seeking Gluten-Free Bakery Ingredients and Technologies

Globally, a growing number of consumers are opting for gluten-free products. This is due to the increasing number of people diagnosed with...

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Seeking Highly Available and Affordable Alternatives to Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is commonly used in commercial cooking, given its versatility and low cost of production. However, the...

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