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A Novel ‘Red Wine’ Dragon Fruit-Derived alcoholic beverage

Wine production has been a regional business near vineyard. Nevertheless, it is highly dependent on the geographical and climate of an...

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Beet Juice with Antioxidant and Anti-carcinogenic Properties by Lactobacillus Fermentation

Beet juice is nutritious due to the content of antioxidant betanin, nutrients and several other biologically...

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Innovative Food Preservation Solution

The company has designed systems with energy saving technology to better manage storage of perishable products in a refrigerator, with the aim to preserve...

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Novel Multifunctional Peptides Derived from Palm Kernel Cake

Palm kernel cake (PKC) is the main by-product of palm kernel after oil extraction and is largely used as an ingredient in animal feed...

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All-Natural, Low-Calorie Sweetener from Curculigo Latifolia Extracts

Diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorder diseases continue to be a worldwide concern with many people searching for...

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Optimizing the Production Process of Spirulina Alga for Food Uses

An innovative start-up has developed and patented, in collaboration with a multinational, a new technology for optimizing the...

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Tactile Telerobot

Robots are being deployed to carry out tasks that are Dull, Dirty, Dangerous, Demanding, Distant and Distributed (Six D's), but they lack intelligence, dexterity and/or human touch....

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Portable AI Food Analyser Detects Food Contamination in Real-Time

The increasingly fragmented food ingredient industry faces the challenges of rampant adulteration, quality inconsistencies and taste...

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Bio-transformed Specialty Coffee with Novel Flavor

The recent development of coffee industry is largely driven by consumers’ interests in more sophisticated and complex coffee flavors. Coffee products...

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