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Technology Offers ( Green Building )

Chemical-Free Disinfection and Ceramic Filtration System

The technology provider has developed an innovative process for the chemical-free disinfection of open cooling water from climate control...

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Integrated Catalytic Disinfectant Membrane and Sensor System for Maintaining High Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is determined mainly by the levels of indoor airborne contaminants such...

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Machine Learning Model for Building Performance Optimisation

Energy modelling software such as EnergyPlus can be used for developing analysis tools to monitor and analyse the energy efficiency of...

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Beam Shaping LED Lamp for Street and Walkway Lighting

This technology consists of a novel LED lamp placed on top of a tall building such as a HDB apartment block.  The purpose of the lamp is to...

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Nano Glass Coating for Green Building Applications

In the tropical region, buildings are under hot climate and constant exposure to high level of solar radiation all year round. As such, a huge amount...

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Highly Robust & Sensitive Nanoplasmonic Sensor Technology

Nanoplasmonic Sensing (NPS) technology is a versatile and extremely surface sensitive sensing technology for realtime studies of atomic/...

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Green Building Materials

The technologies developed in this category make use of material and deposition process expertise in ceramics, metals and polymers. Some examples of the technologies developed...

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High Performance Adsorbent for Pollution Control

The amorphous adsorbent based on oxides of iron, efficiently removes hazardous substances such as arsenic or selenium from the contaminated soil and...

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Light Emitting Coating Technology

This technology is a multi-layered coating, in connection with an inverter, has the ability to generate light. It offers improved lighting solutions as well as...

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