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App-based urine test system

Urine test strips are common in-vitro diagnostic tools in the determination of a patient’s metabolic and pathophysiological changes from their urine. Commercial urine test...

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Swallow Capsule Endoscope

Endoscopes are electro-optical instruments used to visualize the internal cavities of the human body. For the upper digestive tract, specialized endoscopes used in...

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A New Biomarker Panel for Cancer Diagnosis

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) occurs in many different organs including the skin, lung, vagina and cervix. More than 90% of the cancers of the head and neck...

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Systemic Delivery Oncolytic Virus for CIC Potentiation in Multiple Cancer Types

Oncolytic viral therapies act to re-invigorate the host’s own immune system from which the cancer has escaped control by...

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Multi-sensing Nanoscale Biochips

Electrochemical and optical biosensors, which are dominant technologies in the global biosensor market, have the disadvantage of long assay time, labelling,...

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Reengineering Natural Pathway to Produce Cost-Effective, Superior and Sustainable Products

The technology provider employs synthetic biology solutions to manufacture unique molecules which serve a...

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Handheld Confocal Raman Spectroscopy (CRS) System

Raman spectroscopy is a highly sensitive optical technology which enables the non-destructive measurements of internal biochemical constituents of an...

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Customizable Sensor Platform for Highly Specific Analyte Detection

This is essentially a highly specific molecular sensor based on cutting edge optical sensing technology. It is completely label...

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Wearable Thermometer Badge

During an epidemic or pandemic outbreak (SARS, COVID-19), temperature checks are usually carried out as a precautionary measure before allowing any one to enter a public...

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