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DNA Probe Kits for the Detection of Bacterial Pathogens

Fish aquaculture is constrained by different diseases. Diagnosis is achieved through conventional methods such as microscopy, bacterial culture...

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Dry Adhesive System for Wearable Devices

The dry adhesion is a type of adhesive that does not use chemical formula. Various mechanisms of adhesion manners exist in nature. Various kinds of adhesives...

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Monitoring and detection of consciousness

Accurate anaesthetic dosage varies from patient to patient and is critical for the patient’s safety and successful sedation. The recommended standard is for...

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Microfluidic-sonication device for producing coated microbubbles

In medical imaging applications, gas-filled microbubbles stabilized with a surfactant or a polymer coating are routinely used as...

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House Dust Mite and American Cockroach Allergens Detection Test Kits

Mouse monoclonal antibodies specific to allergens of HDM (Der p 1 and Der p 2) and American cockroach (Per a 9 or arginine...

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Dry Eye Rheometry

This technology provides an objective and reliable method for diagnosing DED and a device for performing the diagnostic method. Unlike existing technology used to diagnose and...

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Smart Nano Environments for Stem Cell Differentiation

With its attractive abilities of self-renewal and differentiation capacity, stem cells are known to have wide applications in regenerative...

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Cell Response Prediction with Virtual Cell Model

Research has shown that cells have the ability to sense and respond to changes in topographical, chemical and mechanical cues in their...

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Non-invasive Technique of Assessing Superficial Blood Vessel for Occlusion

This technology utilises a non-invasive technique of collecting and assessing unique blood flow characteristics which can be...

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