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Bladder Cancer Diagnostic

An immunocapture device that specifically captures bladder cancer cells from urine for analysis.Bladder cancer is on average the 9th most common (the chance of developing...

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Novel DNA Biomarker for Precise Microbial Detection and Identification

An Italian biotech company has developed a novel family of DNA biomarkers which offers the ability to differentiate and identify...

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Non-invasive Biosensor For Determination of Optimal Female Fertility Status

A Spanish SME in the clinical consulting field has developed a biosensor device that recognises the female fertile...

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Non-invasive Breath Tests for Lung Cancer Early Detection

A Singapore company has developed a non-invasive breath analysis device and test to detect early stage lung cancer by collecting and analysing...

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Bioinformatics Platform Solution for Clinical, Research Oncology and Pharmacogenomics

A Singapore healthcare technology startup is offering an integrated bioinformatics platform solution specialising...

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Assessing Solid Tumour Cancer Progression

A set of biomarkers and method for assessing cancer progression in solid tumour cancers such as breast, lung & colorectalReceptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs)...

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Systemic Delivery Oncolytic Virus for CIC Potentiation in Multiple Cancer Types

Oncolytic viral therapies act to re-invigorate the host’s own immune system from which the cancer has escaped control by...

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Point-of-care Bacteria Infection Identification Device

A start-up company has developed an electrochemical sensing technology that is able to detect bacterial cells in less than two minutes, which is...

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A New Biomarker Panel for Cancer Diagnosis

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) occurs in many different organs including the skin, lung, vagina and cervix. More than 90% of the cancers of the head and neck...

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