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A Tremor Compensation Device

This invention relates to a handheld or portable device that can compensate for involuntary hand tremor. It allows the user to engage in such as writing, drawing and...

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Improved In-Vitro Fertilization through Enhanced Characterization of the Endometrium

During in vitro fertilisation, embryo implantation represents one of the most important steps in the procedure. The...

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Innovative Device for Dysphagia (Solution for Swallowing Problem)

Dysphagia is the symptom of difficulty in swallowing. It is reported that dysphagia occurs in 29% to 64% of a stroke patient and in up...

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In Vitro Diagnostic Equipment for Asthma and Respiratory disease such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Respiratory diseases such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and...

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Cooling Device for Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

A novel cooling device to the arms and legs has been developed to prevent complications of chemotherapy to the peripheral nervous system....

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Automated Pressure Relief & Turning Aid For Bed-Ridden Patients (ATB)

Pressure ulcers are a significant cause of morbidity and are considered to be largely preventable. Given that pressure is the main...

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Smart Labels: For Sterilisation Detection and Others

Gamma ray has been often used to kill living organism, in a process called irradiation. Applications of this include sterilisation of medical...

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A Bone Plate

Bone fractures are very common medical incidences mainly associated with accidents and osteoporosis. Although the market is seeing significant growth due to an increase in incidences of...

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Easy Access Wheelchair

This invention uses a simple rotatable mechanism to allow the user to rotate the main propel wheel (or both wheels where necessary) of the wheelchair for user’s easy access or...

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