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Real-time Coherent Raman Imaging of Human Tissue and Other Materials

The current standard of tumor diagnostics is histopathology, where excisions are taken from the tissue of a diseased patient,...

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Noninvasive Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Monitor

Head injuries are a significant cause of injury and death, with approximately 50,000 cases of severe traumatic brain injury per year in the UK, the...

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Preferential Covered Carotid Stent

This is a membrane-coated stent covered with multiple flaps. The flaps are constructed in a way that they open up and allow perfusion into the areas where side...

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Eye Drop Guide Device for Installing Eye Drops

Elderly patients often experience difficulty with self-administering of eye medications which may result in medication wastage from instillation of more...

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Dry Eye Rheometry

This technology provides an objective and reliable method for diagnosing DED and a device for performing the diagnostic method. Unlike existing technology used to diagnose and...

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Deep Learning Based Organ Segmentation For Radiotherapy To Treat Cancer

Organ segmentation is an essential step in Radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is one of the medical imaging modalities to treat cancer....

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Long-Term Insoluble Anti-Biofilm Protection Nanoparticle

Biofilm is the main form for bacteria and within the biofilm it is highly resistant to disinfectants, antibiotics or the host immune system....

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Wireless Monitoring of the Muscle Blood Flow in Low Back Pain Population

Prolonged sitting has been identified as one of the risk factors associated with lower back pain (LBP). Slumped sitting posture...

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New UV-B Suncreen with Transient Window Effect and Improved Safety Profile

A new bespoken family of sunscreen compounds have been developed and patented, that share a common mechanism of reaching...

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