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Umbilical Cord Mini Clamp

This Umbilical cord mini clamp is a multi-pivot concept with jaws linked in series with an integrated ratchet locking mechanism in a clamp design for blocking fluid flowing...

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A Novel Lung Simulation Model for Education

Pleural effusion is a medical condition where abnormal fluid is collected within the pleural cavity. The excessive fluid must be drained since it can impair...

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Dry Eye Rheometry

This technology provides an objective and reliable method for diagnosing DED and a device for performing the diagnostic method. Unlike existing technology used to diagnose and...

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A Tri-Pulse Optical Sensor (3-POS) for Human Pulse Diagnosis

The Tri-Pulse Optical Sensor (3-POS) consists of 3 optical sensors which measure heart pulses along the radial artery in the wrist at 3...

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Tiny 3-Axis Tactile Sensor for Catheter

Force sensing technologies are increasingly being significant for minimally invasive medical treatment purposes. The researcher has proposed a tiny 3-axis MEMS...

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Human Cardiac Myocyte Platform for Drug Discovery and Drug Toxicity

Off-target effects of drugs on cardiac myocytes pose adverse side effects that could seriously jeopardize patient safety. No...

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Non-fatigue LED Light based on 1/f Fluctuation and Fractal Theory

This technology presents the health benefits of LED lighting system to fluorescent lamps.Healing effect based on 1/f fluctuation and...

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A Bone Plate

Bone fractures are very common medical incidences mainly associated with accidents and osteoporosis. Although the market is seeing significant growth due to an increase in incidences of...

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Smart Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Device

Current cardiac rehabilitation methods are problematic. Therapists manually monitor and adjust the exercise intensities. It leads to inaccuracies that may...

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