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Pulse Diagnostic for Traditional Medicine

Pulse palpation is the main diagnostic method used in Indian, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese medicine. However, mastering pulse diagnosis requires many...

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Biocorrector for Biorhythm Deviation

Chronobiology is a relatively new field of science which studies the periodic phenomena in living organism. These biological rhythms can be found in almost all...

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Automated Diagnosis of Normal/abnormal Fundus Image using Convolutional Neural Network

Fundus photography is one of the imaging techniques commonly adopted in eye clinics for the diagnosis of main eye...

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Variable Automated Speed Sensing Treadmill (VASST) Rehabilitation System Version 2

Current treadmills both for exercise and rehabilitation use pre-programmed speed control. During the course of...

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Computer Vision Based System for Monitoring of Physical Rehabilitation

Computer vision techniques can be used to measure physical impairment or disability, a problem that affects more than 500 million...

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A Green and Safe Battery Made From Recycled Nuclear Fuel With No Need for Recharge or Replacement

A UK company has developed a battery that does not run out. This is by using recycled nuclear waste...

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Ambidexter: Gamified Fine Motor Skill Rehabilitation Device for Children with Developmental Disorders

Ambidexter is designed to improve fine motor functional skills with robotics and gamification. It...

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Equos-Lite - The Easy Mobility Solution for Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are used to assist users who experience mobility challenges to commute around different locations and environments. The design of...

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Real-time Coherent Raman Imaging of Human Tissue and Other Materials

The current standard of tumor diagnostics is histopathology, where excisions are taken from the tissue of a diseased patient,...

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