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InterSense: An Intelligent Wearable Environmental and Physiological Data-recording Smartwatch

Intersense is an advanced sensor wearable datalogger designed by Digital Health Innovation Centre (DHIC)...

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Printable Low-Powered and Cost Efficient Cold Plasma Technology

Plasma technology was originally developed for surface treatment to improve surface adhesion of polymers. Recent progress in plasma...

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Growth Factor-free Proliferation & Differentiation of Stem Cell

The conventional methods for cultivating stem cells typically require the use of animals and biochemical growth factors. These methods...

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Portable Audiometer

People who suffer from hearing problems need to monitor their hearing in real time, collect and analyze the acquired data and ensure instant access to the ENT...

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Wearable, Low-Cost Device For Examination Of Visual Evoked Potentials (VEPs)

The registration of electrical activity of the human brain based on examining visual evoked potencial (VEPs) during a...

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Photoacoustic Sensor for Non-invasive Glucose and Core Temperature Measurement

Currently, glucose levels and blood core temperatures are measured by the invasive devices and methods, and no...

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Hands Free Electrolarynx

Patients who lose their voice box after a laryngectomy (surgery to remove the larynx in the throat), usually due to throat or larynx cancers, need to use an external...

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The Noisy Guts Project

The Noisy Guts Project  is dedicated to unlocking the gut’s secret language to diagnose and monitor common gut disorders.Our innovation is an acoustic belt that is worn...

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Acoustic Sorting of Biological Cells

Cell sorting is used to identify, count and extract specific target cells from a generic population, such as blood for disease diagnosis or cell cultures for...

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