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Parametric Assistive Hearing Device (PAHD) to enhance listening for hearing impaired and elderly

Hearing problems are among the most common complications which affect the quality of life of the...

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Magnetic TiO2 Nano-carrier for Efficient Isolation and Purification of Biomolecules

Highly-ordered nanostructures of valve metal oxides have recently attracted huge scientific and technological...

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Self-setting Synthetic Human bone

Bone graft and scaffolds trend to high demand according to increasing of world aging population. Self-setting synthetic bone substitutes related to the synthetic...

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GPS Security Tracking for Supply Chains

With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solution in their...

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Electronic Textile Based Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Rehabilitation Glove

An electronic textile based glove that provides electrical stimulation to finger joints and hand to alleviate chronic pain...

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Anti-drug Resistant Material/Chemical for Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial Resistant (AMR) Applications

Drug-resistant microorganisms are one of the hottest topics of the 21st century. With the potential...

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TENC1 Inhibitors for Anti Diabetic Medication

Diabetes mellitus is a type of metabolic disease that causes an insufficient secretionary amount of insulin or a dysfunction thereof, and is characterized...

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Biocatalytic Liquid Membrane Technology

The combination of liquid membrane permeation with multiphasic biocatalysis provides a sophisticated and profitable concept for continuous bioprocessing....

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Accurate Motion Analysis Solutions based on Wearable Sensors

Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, this technology provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports, Wellness and Healthcare...

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