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Better, Faster, Sustainable Plant Extraction Technology for Development of Euality Plant Health Ingredients from Botanicals; and Valorization of Food Processing "Waste" to Transform into High Value Functional Ingredients

A better, faster,...

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Sustainable Plant Extraction Technology for Developing Plant Health and Functional Ingredients

A better, faster, sustainable plant extraction method that supports column-less extraction method and...

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Biochemical Quantification Method for Lipoprotein Lipase Activity and Interactions in Human Plasma

According to estimates, 30% of the Western population is afflicted by hypertriglyceridemia (elevated...

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Fast-Dissolving Freeze Dried Sublingual Wafer as a Novel Drug Delivery System

Currently, active compounds (e.g. pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical active ingredients) are administered intravenously,...

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TCM Formulation for Management of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Diabetic kidney disease is a common cause of end stage renal disease in type-2 diabetes. There are treatment methods for reducing the risk of...

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A Rapid Method of Generating Live Attenuated Vaccines

This technology is a rapid and reliable method of generating safe live attenuated vaccines (LAVs). These LAVs could be used for preventing human...

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Combination Therapy Using an Inhibitor of Glucose Transport and an Intracellular Calcium Inducer to Target Cancer Metabolism

A method to selectively kill glucose-sensitive cancer cells via modulation...

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Prolonged Release Ocular Drug Delivery System

The need for controlled, sustained-release drug delivery systems has been recognized by the ophthalmic community and industry. Such systems aim to...

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World’s only PPC (Plant Protein Composite) Bio Ink and 3D Printed Bioscaffold

Bioscaffold, with potential to recreate structural and physical environment of a living tissue, are key components in...

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