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Computer Vision Based System for Monitoring of Physical Rehabilitation

Computer vision techniques can be used to measure physical impairment or disability, a problem that affects more than 500 million...

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Simple Paediatric Vision, Hearing and BMI Screening Platform

This technology makes use of a laptop to deliver the screening and requires minimal skills to supervise in order to screen a large number...

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One-stop Personalized Skin Care Platform Driven By Data Science

The technology is a one-stop platform comprising auto-assessment of skin health phenotype and genotype and recommendation of suitable...

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Deep Learning Based Organ Segmentation For Radiotherapy To Treat Cancer

Organ segmentation is an essential step in Radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is one of the medical imaging modalities to treat cancer....

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Virtual Reality Environments for Clinical Measurements of Visual Performance in Glaucoma Patients

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, but since there are no obvious symptoms...

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Portable Audiometer

People who suffer from hearing problems need to monitor their hearing in real time, collect and analyze the acquired data and ensure instant access to the ENT...

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Detection of Diabetic Foot with Infrared Thermography

Diabetic foot is one of the major complications experienced by diabetic patients. Thus, early detection and appropriate treatment can prevent...

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Smart Device for Continuous Monitoring of Heart Sounds to Allow Early Detection and Intervention of Heart Abnormalities

Heart failure is a global public health issue of epidemic proportions and...

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Distributed Ledger Technology to Create Connected Networks of Patient Data

Our technology is a network and middleware which integrates existing electronic healthcare record (EHR) technology with other...

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