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Virtual Reality Environments for Clinical Measurements of Visual Performance in Glaucoma Patients

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, but since there are no obvious symptoms...

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Portable Audiometer

People who suffer from hearing problems need to monitor their hearing in real time, collect and analyze the acquired data and ensure instant access to the ENT...

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Detection of Diabetic Foot with Infrared Thermography

Diabetic foot is one of the major complications experienced by diabetic patients. Thus, early detection and appropriate treatment can prevent...

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Smart Device for Continuous Monitoring of Heart Sounds to Allow Early Detection and Intervention of Heart Abnormalities

Heart failure is a global public health issue of epidemic proportions and...

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Deep Learning Based Organ Segmentation For Radiotherapy To Treat Cancer

Organ segmentation is an essential step in Radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is one of the medical imaging modalities to treat cancer....

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Distributed Ledger Technology to Create Connected Networks of Patient Data

Our technology is a network and middleware which integrates existing electronic healthcare record (EHR) technology with other...

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Remote Sub-Skin Imaging Software for Medical Diagnostics

Conventional diagnostic imaging of the skin involves the use of dermatoscopes. Dermatoscopes use skin surface microscopy to examine dermal and...

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Mobile Health Game for Chronically Ill Children

Chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and asthma are getting more and more common, already every fourth kid is battling with chronic disease. These...

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Non-invasive and Time-resolved CT Imaging for Blood Vessel Assessment

The clinical gold standard for assessing the functional significance of a coronary artery stenosis is the invasive fractional flow...

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