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Technology Needs ( Healthcare )

Seeking Healthcare Partners for Tele-rehabilitation System

A local startup with a tele-rehabilitation system is looking for healthcare partners such as community centers, hospitals, rehabilitation...

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Seeking Proposals for German-Singapore SME R&D Projects

Jointly funded by Enterprise Singapore and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Germany-Singapore SME Funding Programme (...

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Seeking Technologies to Identify Transformative Materials that Promote Anti-Aging

An American MNC is seeking technologies to identify transformative materials that can promote dermal or tissue...

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Seeking Non‐prescriptive Approaches to Mitigate the Negative Physiological Impacts of Stress

The strains of modern busy and hectic lifestyles are unavoidable. An American MNC is seeking non-...

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Seeking Non‐prescriptive Approaches to Maintain Cardiometabolic Health

An American company is seeking non-prescription approaches to maximize the activity or performance of vitamins and/or mineral...

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Seeking Enzymatic Extraction Technology for the Extraction of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The technology seeker is a renowned Chinese institute involved in the R&D and production of Chinese...

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Seeking Biological Polypeptide Technology for Anti-aging Cosmetics

Anti-aging cosmetics based on biological polypeptide technology has a huge market in China. A renowned Chinese institute involved in...

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Seeking Trigeminal Nerve Receptor Modulating Materials for Health & Personal Care Products

An American company is seeking for materials that modulate sensations relating to the trigeminal nerve such...

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Seeking Teeth Whitening Technology or Material

A Chinese consumer care company is seeking novel tooth materials or technologies to improve or develop new oral care products such as toothpaste.The...

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