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Mental Health Therapy and Training in Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

A Virtual Pharmacy of research-backed virtual reality (VR) applications: including Stress/Burnout Management through relaxation...

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Novel Drug Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

This technology centres around  the development of bioactive peptide Adrenomedullin (AM) which consists of 52 amino acids. Pilot clinical...

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Novel Biosensing Platform Delivering Laboratory Quality Analysis in Minutes

We have developed a proprietary analytical platform that combines tiny molecular machines (biosensors) with a compact...

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Eco-friendly Plant-based Biodegradable Microbeads

This technology is an integrated manufacturing solution to produce plant-based biodegradable beads to replace plastic microbeads.Every year, more than...

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Novel Compounds for Skin Brightening and Anti-Hyperpigmentation Cosmeceuticals

Skin hyperpigmentation is a prevalent dermatological disorder which could cause significant psychosocial impairment to...

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Artificial Ligament for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Using Acellular Bovine Tendon Tissue

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries occur most frequently in sports knee injuries,...

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Non-invasive Prostate Cancer Detection Device

A biosensor for the selective capture and detection of prostate cancer cells in urineProstate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and,...

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Wearable Graphene Textile-based Electro-ocular Monitoring System

This technology is a device and method for eye movement-enabled machine interaction with wearable peripherals. It has forehead...

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Microporous Polypropylene Membrane

The microporous polypropylene film was developed through a biaxial film stretching process using a precursor polypropylene sheet with an enriched metastable crystal...

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