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Non-invasive Blood Glucose Detection & Monitoring using Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensor

The prevalence of diabetes is high, projected to affect 629 million people worldwide by 2045. This is a...

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A Low Cost Point Of Care Testing (POCT) Device for Uric Acid/Gout Detection

Gout is by far the most common form of inflammatory arthritis, characterized by elevated levels of serum urate (sUA), which...

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Food, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Processing using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technologies

Various formulations and processes have been developed using a laboratory scale supercritical CO2...

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Magnetic TiO2 Nano-carrier for Efficient Isolation and Purification of Biomolecules

Highly-ordered nanostructures of valve metal oxides have recently attracted huge scientific and technological...

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Durable Antimicrobial Coating Platform for Healthcare Applications

With the world population rapidly ageing, there will be a large number of elderly patients who are immunocompromised and more...

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Biocatalytic Liquid Membrane Technology

The combination of liquid membrane permeation with multiphasic biocatalysis provides a sophisticated and profitable concept for continuous bioprocessing....

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Efficient Production of Bioactive Cordycepin from Cordyceps Militaris for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical or Cosmeceutical Application

Cordyceps species is a parasitic complex of fungus that is well...

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A Tremor Compensation Device

This invention relates to a handheld or portable device that can compensate for involuntary hand tremor. It allows the user to engage in such as writing, drawing and...

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Just In Time Implants

The innovative metal bone implants presented here are manufactured using just-in-time 3D printing and customised to fit exactly into the gap left after bone removal. They also...

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