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Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Millimeter-Wave Indoor Real-time Location System

There is a need in healthcare delivery for higher accuracy location sensing at low costs. The Covid-19 pandemic has...

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AI-enabled Digital Concierge Platform for Hospitality and Tourism Industries

This digital concierge platform is an app-less, multilingual, and omnichannel chat-based platform supported by a suite of...

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AI-based Solution for 3D Printer Failure-Detection and Remote Management

A 3D print jobs can take several hours to complete. When a print fails, a user may be outside house or sleeping, and the...

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Face Recognition Solution

The facial recognition solution is based on more than 10 years of vision work to design a state-of-the-art system coupled with neuromorphic artificial intelligence to detect...

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eCommerce Product Categorisation Automation

We have designed and implemented a product categorisation solution to help eCommerce retailers automatically categorise products and add product attribute...

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Low Cost, High Value Smart Water Meter for Reduction of Water Consumption

Water scarcity is a global problem. To try to address this and reduce water consumption, smart systems are already being...

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Machine Learning Technology to Support Farmers in Increasing Crop Yields

We are Norway's leading agricultural technology (agri-tech) startup. We have created an intelligent software analysis...

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Chatbot Platform for Business

Our proprietary conversational Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platform is designed for companies to easily manage chatbots to automate business processes in customer...

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Next-Generation Machine Learning Platforms on Many-Core Architectures

The recent advancement of machine learning technologies (such as deep learning) is not only because of new algorithms that improve...

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