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Face Recognition on Mobile and PC (Desktop and Mac)

Our technology uses a deep learning neural network to determine landmarks for every face found in a picture. The model is pre-trained and optimized...

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Logistics Scheduling and Route Optimization using Digital Annealer

The technology is a logistics and warehouse optimization engine developed using Ising modelling over a digital annealer (cloud server...

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Endpoint-based Monitoring and Incident Response

Network-based security systems have been the standard in the past for corporate security.  Technology such as legacy SIEM-SOC (Security Information...

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Software for Monitoring of Drowsiness and Other Cognitive States Impacting Human Performance

This technology offer is by a team with expertise in the development of solutions for measuring...

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Next-Generation Machine Learning Platforms on Many-Core Architectures

The recent advancement of machine learning technologies (such as deep learning) is not only because of new algorithms that improve...

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Natural Language Process, Machine Learning & Data Visualization

The software platform that uses natural language processing & machine learning to synthesize and analyze massive text-based datasets...

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New Generation Communication tool for Blue-collar, Physical and Temporary Workers

There are 2.2 billion blue-collar without a company e-mail address or any other digital communication channel by their...

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Drive Thru Tire Check, For Cars, Bus and Truck. Automatic Measurement of Tire Pressure, Tread Depth and Sidewall, in Seconds, to the Internet

The global vehicle fleet runs on over 5 Billion tires....

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Simulated Realities Replicating the Physical World in Real Time, Bringing Clarity to Complex Visual and Spatial Data

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology is making it possible...

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