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Helping Cyber Insurers in Crafting Policies

Our company help cyber insurers to write policies at the right price using data-driven cyber risk insights derived directly from policyholder devices....

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The Intelligence Engine for Capital Markets - Leveraging ML and AI to Detect Unforeseen Event Risk

Our company is a Capital Markets Intelligence Company, a unique combination of Capital Markets...

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Ultralow-Power AI Visual Sensor for Battery Operated & IoT Applications

This technology offer is an always-on artificial intelligence (AI) visual sensor that consumes less than 1 mW of power, and is...

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Predictive Cargo Claims Resolution

Our technology enhances the customer claims management experience by leveraging digital business-to-business platforms and ecosystems to transform cargo claims value...

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Turning Images Into Insights Using Applied A.I. Location Intelligence Solutions

Today, billions of images and textual content are uploaded online every single day. They are an information gold mine...

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Voice Automation, Workflow & Analytics Software for Corporates

We create B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) applying artificial intelligence to state-of-the-art voice recognition, speech-to-text...

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Data Marketplace and Data Exchange Protocol for Unlocking the Full Potential of Data

Data is rapidly gaining value in our modern society. Big tech-companies maintain their current market dominance by...

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No-Code Messaging based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Messaging apps like WhatsApp have already dominated our personal communication space. But brands are still relying on email and phone as...

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A Cognitive Automation Solution

An AI-enabled cognitive automation solution that automates data movement and processing of transactions by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate...

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