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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Computer-Simulated Environments )

Mental Health Therapy and Training in Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

A Virtual Pharmacy of research-backed virtual reality (VR) applications: including Stress/Burnout Management through relaxation...

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Real-time 3D Augmented Reality

With 3D models and overlays available in augmented reality (AR) for smartphones, our innovation studio provides augmented reality real time solutions with image...

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Electrochromic Coatings With Variable Tinting for Augmented Reality Glasses

Rapid developments in the utility and performance of consumer electronics and wearable devices give rise to the demand for...

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A Virtual Reality App Aiming to Reduce Pain and Improve Movement in Sufferers of Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Injuries happen to everyone at some stage. Unfortunately, these injuries can result in pain...

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Immersive Panoramic Communication between Remote Users via Mixed Reality System with Shared Environment Setup

Advances in telecommunication technologies have made video conferencing an integral part...

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Using Virtual and Augmented Reality to Enhance Productivity

Our company is a simulation and virtual reality studio – our products are designed to ensure our customers increase productivity and remain...

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Simulated Realities Replicating the Physical World in Real Time, Bringing Clarity to Complex Visual and Spatial Data

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology is making it possible...

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Dual Reality Interactive Simulator (DRIS)

Virtual Reality (VR) provides an immersive user experience which makes them a cost-effective solution to employ for various training purposes. However, a...

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Kids Intelligence Development Through Sport Fundamental Movement Skills Assessment with Virtual Reality (VR)

Our Kids Intelligence Development Through Sport Fundamental Movement Skills assessment...

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