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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation )

Helping Cyber Insurers in Crafting Policies

Our company help cyber insurers to write policies at the right price using data-driven cyber risk insights derived directly from policyholder devices....

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Enterprise Call Centre Software Solutions with Business Intelligence

Founded in 1993, the company has developed a software solution for the call centre industry which collects VoIP call information...

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Predictive Cargo Claims Resolution

Our technology enhances the customer claims management experience by leveraging digital business-to-business platforms and ecosystems to transform cargo claims value...

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Data Analytics and Processing Made Easier, Affordable and Secure

Secure, Affordable, Easier - our technology is an on-demand data science platform integrated with blockchain. We exist to help...

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Turning Images Into Insights Using Applied A.I. Location Intelligence Solutions

Today, billions of images and textual content are uploaded online every single day. They are an information gold mine...

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Cutting Edge Software to Predict Flight Disruptions

We are creating a cutting-edge software that will predict flight disruptions before they happen. The software will help the passenger manage their ...

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Data Marketplace and Data Exchange Protocol for Unlocking the Full Potential of Data

Data is rapidly gaining value in our modern society. Big tech-companies maintain their current market dominance by...

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End-to-end Indoor Location Tracking Solution to Streamline Operations in Factories, Warehouses and Hospitals

Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare...

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Robo-Analyst: Your One-stop AI and Big Data Powered Financial Advisement Solution

Investors frequently need to scavenge for a myriad of related information online and filter out the non-essential ones...

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