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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation )

SaaS Technology for Corporate Change Programs using Performance Analytics

The technology increases the success rate of corporate change programs by guaranteeing effective adoption 4 times faster than...

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The Building Block for Integrating White-Labeled, Interactive Dashboards into any SaaS Platform

We answer the increasing demand for easy and accessible data analysis tools and integration. We help...

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Secure End-to-End IoT Connectivity

IoT can assist in the integration of communications, control, and information processing across various applications. Wireless sensor network (WSN) refers...

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Remote Data Acquisition for Failure Analysis With ISGD (Integrated Sensor Gateway for Digitisation)

Monitoring and improving product reliability is a main concern in multi-stage manufacturing...

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Natural Language Process, Machine Learning & Data Visualization

The software platform that uses natural language processing & machine learning to synthesize and analyze massive text-based datasets...

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Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management with Blockchain

The blockchain data management framework for the open, multi-party, and decentralized industrial & commercial markets....

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Multilevel Energy Optimization: Assessment of the Potential of CO2-reduction Measures in the Transport Sector

The transportation and logistics industry is one of the main contributors to carbon...

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Drive Thru Tire Check, For Cars, Bus and Truck. Automatic Measurement of Tire Pressure, Tread Depth and Sidewall, in Seconds, to the Internet

The global vehicle fleet runs on over 5 Billion tires....

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Real-time Traffic Prediction & Route Guidance

The technology predicts future traffic conditions of large scale road networks in real-time and provide predictive route guidance to users. In this way,...

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