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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation )

Big Data Spatial Visualization Technology for MNCs and Government Entities

Information systems traditionally map data structures into two-dimensional space. The technology owner foresee the display of...

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Graphical User Interface to Manipulate & Analyse Patient's Genetic Variants in a Database

High throughput sequencing provides unprecedented power to detect genetic variation in applications such as...

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AI-enabled Digital Concierge Platform for Hospitality and Tourism Industries

This digital concierge platform is an app-less, multilingual, and omnichannel chat-based platform supported by a suite of...

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Contactless Digital Receipt & Data Analytics Platform for Retailers

The company offers offline retailers the opportunity to use a frictionless NFC based IoT e-receipt platform to gather customer...

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Low Cost, High Value Smart Water Meter for Reduction of Water Consumption

Water scarcity is a global problem. To try to address this and reduce water consumption, smart systems are already being...

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Machine Learning Technology to Support Farmers in Increasing Crop Yields

We are Norway's leading agricultural technology (agri-tech) startup. We have created an intelligent software analysis...

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Web-Based Platform for Dietary Self-Tracking, Self-Reporting, and Behavioral Intervention

Our web-based experimentation platform is designed to facilitate continuous collection of individuals' dietary...

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User Profile Linkage Across Multiple Social Platforms

Increasingly, individuals are using multiple online social networks (OSNs) such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to meet their communication and...

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SaaS Technology for Corporate Change Programs using Performance Analytics

The technology increases the success rate of corporate change programs by guaranteeing effective adoption 4 times faster than...

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