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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Blockchain & Other Distributed Ledgers )

Blockchain-Enabled Trading and Trade Finance Platform

Trade finance is a highly complex process involving dozens of parties and documents. It is a paper intensive industry with significant overhead...

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Blockchain Technology for Identity Management

As enterprises continuously digitize their businesses, there is an increasing need for security and trust built around digital identities. Current...

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Blockchain Technology to Counter Fake News and Reward Quality Content in Social Media

Current social platforms have no established way to verify users and content published. As a result, quality...

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Enterprise-Ready Private-Public Hybrid Blockchain Platform

Our technology is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, originally developed in-house at The Walt Disney Company. In 2016, our platform...

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Blockchain-based Learning Management System

Our technology is a learning management system (LMS) that hosts and manages content such as documents, courses, and assessments. User progress is tracked on...

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Rapidly Deployable Enterprise Blockchain Lab

Blockchain is a native digital technology that is setting up the financial-services industry, along with others, for significant disruption - or crucial...

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End-to-End Securities Tokenization Platform and Digital Asset Exchange Solution

This is an end-to-end Securities Tokenization Platform and Digital Asset Exchange solution. The platform offers an...

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Source-to-Pay (S2P) Digital Transformation Solution

A French Source-to-Pay expert, based in Singapore, is providing a complete solution that automates procurement and invoices processes to...

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Civilised Blockchain: High-Speed, Ultra-Scalable, and Regulatory-Compliant Full-Stack Distributed Ledger Technology

A Polish company has built its own full stack blockchain/DLT platform that...

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