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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Data Processing )

Topic Dictionary and Topic Modelling, English and Chinese Language (APIs/SaaS)

We are a text analysis startup based in one of Singapore's national universities, specialising in advanced topic-...

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Mobile Learning Platform with Autonomous and Unobtrusive Affect Driven Intervention

Affect plays a key role in learning and to achieve enhanced learning outcome, it is crucial that the active...

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GPU and In-memory Accelerated Analytics Platform for High Performance Systems

Our Active Analytics brings together all key elements of active analytics in a unified platform: Historical data analytics...

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Intelligent AI Engine to Detect Unforeseen Event Risk for Capital Markets

Our company is a Capital Markets Intelligence Company, a unique combination of Capital Markets Experts, Leading Academics, and...

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Source-to-Pay (S2P) Digital Transformation Solution

A French Source-to-Pay expert, based in Singapore, is providing a complete solution that automates procurement and invoices processes to...

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Artificial Intelligence Platform, Machine Learning Modelling and Cloud

Our platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, it is a proven processing method, integrating the complex...

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Civilised Blockchain: High-Speed, Ultra-Scalable, and Regulatory-Compliant Full-Stack Distributed Ledger Technology

A Polish company has built its own full stack blockchain/DLT platform that...

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Massive-scale Machine Learning Automation Platform in Finance

Key problems facing financial institutions:Complex Traditional Banking Structure: It is imperative for banks to improve their...

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Natural Language Process, Machine Learning & Data Visualization

The software platform that uses natural language processing & machine learning to synthesize and analyze massive text-based datasets...

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