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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Educational Technology )

Serious Game for Multimodal Transport Operations

We offer a serious game on multimodal transport operations in which players/users can experience how planning works and which decisions it requires....

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Serious Game for Supply Chain Integration

This is a serious game that allows you to experience how international supply chain logistics can become more robust, reliable and efficient. The game is...

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3D Maze

This technology is a 3D game research project inspired from visual programming concept that let users create and design their own maze game by creating the maze in a Maze Editor, and defining...

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3D Printing Curriculum and Software for 3D Printer Manufacturers and Educators

The 3D printing educational software programme is designed for pre-school and young students. It is designed to prepare...

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Measurement Environments For Everyone, Everywhere

Knowing about the high cost of instrumentation, we offer a complete set of innovative Software-Defined Measurement Instruments at a very low price. So...

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3D Serious Games Platform for Education, Training & Simulation

Serious games is a term for games designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment, such as for education and training.We...

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Low-cost, Compact Versatile Instrumentation System for Science Education and Research

The Versatile Instrumentation System for Science Education and Research or VISSER is a low-cost and versatile...

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Design and Development of a Learning Analytics Toolkit

Learning analytics is the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their activities, with the goal to...

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