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Your Employee’s Personal Coach to Better Well-being and Enhanced Performance with Activity Based Pricing

Our solution is made for modern companies that want to improve the wellbeing and performance...

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Virtual Reality for Planning, Training, and Marketing

As an immersive technology, Virtual Reality (VR) thrusts users into a digitally constructed 3-dimensional environment allowing for unprecedented...

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Using Virtual and Augmented Reality to Enhance Productivity

Our company is a simulation and virtual reality studio – our products are designed to ensure our customers increase productivity and remain...

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Interactive Exploration of Jobs, Skills and Careers

Our technology aims to help users acquire knowledge of a wide range of jobs, skills and career choices. It is a one-stop mobile web platform which...

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IoT & AI based Cleanliness Monitoring System for Predictive Cleaning

Facilities/FM companies today hire cleaning companies on a contract basis with predefined work scopes. This includes scheduled...

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Enterprise Solution through Automating Conversations

We were founded from the conviction that we could leverage technology to tackle the deep-seated problem of increasing underemployment within today’...

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Drive Thru Tire Check, For Cars, Bus and Truck. Automatic Measurement of Tire Pressure, Tread Depth and Sidewall, in Seconds, to the Internet

The global vehicle fleet runs on over 5 Billion tires....

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Data-Driven Strategic Sourcing and Business Partnership Platform

Our company provides a sourcing platform and online marketplace. Every buyer, seller, trade show organiser and collaborator in the...

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Conference Application for Attendees

This Conference App enables attendees at conferences and events to experience the effectiveness of multiple context-based real-time interventions and features...

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