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Enterprise Mobile Messaging App to Boost Employee Engagement

The future is digital. This technology is an award-winning mobile communication platform for non-desk bound employees.Every employee...

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Contact Tracing & Social Distancing Solutions

Our current methods for Contact Tracing & Social Distancing requires a lot of manpower – staffs manually taking temperature with handheld thermometers...

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AI-Driven News Monitoring Platform to Enable Business Intelligence Activities

Hopping across multiple publications in search of news on the daily is time consuming and difficult. Combing through...

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Multiple Pickup and Delivery Planning Solution

Multiple Pickup and Delivery Planning (MPDP) is very common in both passenger and cargo transport operations. However, due to the planning complexity, it...

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A Cognitive Automation Solution

An AI-enabled cognitive automation solution that automates data movement and processing of transactions by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate...

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End-to-end UWB/BLE Based Indoor Location Tracking Solution

Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare to streamline their operations and increase...

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Bank-Grade Clone Proof QR Code for Brand Protection: Anti-Counterfeiting and Track & Trace

Anti-counterfeiting technology is an indispensable asset in times of widespread circulation of counterfeit...

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Mental Health Therapy and Training in Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

A Virtual Pharmacy of research-backed virtual reality (VR) applications: including Stress/Burnout Management through relaxation...

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Smart Information System For HMLV Manufacturing Cost Reduction

Pricing of Products may make or break the business. Therefore Product Costing and ROI management are critical data every CEO, CFO and COO...

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