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Mental Health Therapy and Training in Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

A Virtual Pharmacy of research-backed virtual reality (VR) applications: including Stress/Burnout Management through relaxation...

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Enterprise-Ready Low-Code Software Development Platform

In particle physics, neutrinosis are considered to be absolutely rapid, traveling faster than light and challenging the fundamentals of...

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Voice Automation, Workflow & Analytics Software for Corporates

We create B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) applying artificial intelligence to state-of-the-art voice recognition, speech-to-text...

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End-to-end Indoor Location Tracking Solution to Streamline Operations in Factories, Warehouses and Hospitals

Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare...

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A Cognitive Automation Solution

An AI-enabled cognitive automation solution that automates data movement and processing of transactions by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate...

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Massive-scale Machine Learning Automation Platform in Finance

Key problems facing financial institutions:Complex Traditional Banking Structure: It is imperative for banks to improve their...

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New Generation IoT Software Suite

Most Internet of Things (IoT) or cloud based solution require extensive software coding and setup of various IoT modules. Our platform takes away all these...

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A Web-based Tool to Identify Workplace Bullying Risk

Worldwide, many employees experienced serious workplace bullying; this has significant negative mental health impacts for workers.There is a gap...

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Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM)

The S-MOM solution is an integrated Production Planning, Scheduling and Shop Floor Tracking system. It fills the gap between the Enterprise System (...

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