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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Financial Technology )

Civilised Blockchain: High-Speed, Ultra-Scalable, and Regulatory-Compliant Full-Stack Distributed Ledger Technology, with Business-Ready Products

Our company built our own full stack blockchain/DLT...

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An A.I. Solution that Understands Your Contracts - An Innovative Platform to Know Your Obligations

Our platform is a legal risk management platform that gives you knowledge from your legal data. We...

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Knowledge Worker Automation with Artificial Intelligence

We are a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specialising in transforming completely unstructured information to valuable knowledge...

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Biometric Signature Verification

Biometric verification is the verification of a person’s identity through one of his/her biometric data (e.g. biometric signature, fingerprint). Signature verification...

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High Throughput Blockchain Protocol

We take quality blockchain and cybersecurity research from the National University of Singapore to develop solutions to critical business problems. We spun out our...

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Integrated Sales Platform for Insurance Brokers

We offer product core and sales platform for insurance companies, insurance brokers, independent agents and banks, willing to sell their own products or...

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Highly Secure 3-Factor Voice Authentication and Signature

This technology is a patented 3-factor in 1-touch Voice-Biometric solutions for Secure Authentications and Voice E-Signatures.It is an...

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Enterprise Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service and App Marketplace

Institutions are experimenting and investors have poured millions of dollars into Blockchain related firms. However, organizations in...

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Robotic Process Automation With Artificial Intelligence

Our "software robots" help to make various I.T. applications talk to one another without requiring complicated back-end codes or APIs....

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