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Food Image Recognition by Deep Learning

The goal of this project is to recognize food photos automatically using machine learning techniques, with a focus of recognizing popular local food dishes in...

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Kids Intelligence Development Through Sport Fundamental Movement Skills Assessment with Virtual Reality (VR)

Our Kids Intelligence Development Through Sport Fundamental Movement Skills assessment...

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Handheld Device For Early Detection of Multiple Cancer and Cardiac Disease Biomarkers

Early detection of cancer and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is very important to increase the survival rate of...

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Distributed Ledger Technology to Create Connected Networks of Patient Data

Our technology is a network and middleware which integrates existing electronic healthcare record (EHR) technology with other...

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Remote Sub-Skin Imaging Software for Medical Diagnostics

Conventional diagnostic imaging of the skin involves the use of dermatoscopes. Dermatoscopes use skin surface microscopy to examine dermal and...

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AI Platform for Drug Discovery and Repositioning, and Skincare

The artificial intelligence platform harnesses vast biomedical information to enable the development of novel applications of natural...

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The importance of communication in daily human lives is undeniable as it is a mean of expressing ideas, thoughts and most importantly the basic needs. Unfortunately, there are elderly...

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Mobile Health Game for Chronically Ill Children

Chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and asthma are getting more and more common, already every fourth kid is battling with chronic disease. These...

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Remote Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Device with ECG

Systemic and algorithmic solutions for remote monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias in the field of ECG analysis and cardiac telerehabilitation system....

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