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Sketch Misrecognition Correction Based on Eye Gaze Monitoring

Sketch recognition is the segmentation and interpretation of sketches by the computer in a human-like manner. Unlike plain pen-based...

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Expressive Touch-Based Interaction

The novel development here employs a device using an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) in wearable technology to increase the potential complexity of a user’s...

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Dual-mode Head-up Display for Vehicle Application

Head-up displays (HUD) in cars projects information on the windshield so as to reduce the time a driver has to look away from the road. Most HUD...

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Using Contextual Locations for Embedding Cloud Information in the Home

Placing information at specific locations in the home provides rich and intuitive ways for people to cope with information, as...

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User ID for Touchscreen Devices

We have developed a solution that uses wrist-worn accelerometers to allow "user identification" for touchscreen devices through the combined use of touchscreen and...

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Virtual Assistant using Natural Language Processing

We specialize on information access by applying advanced AI. This technology is a Conversational Assistant supporting both oral and written...

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Portable Smart Surface System

Using a set of devices and a small microcontroller, this technology can transform any flat surface into a tap-sensitive device. The tap function of tablets and...

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Effective Palm Recognition for Tablet and Touch-Screen Devices

Touchscreen devices are now ubiquitous parts of life. They have also begun to take the place of other tools. One tool is the traditional...

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Wireless Synchronized Clock System

The synchronized clock system uses the open standard wireless communication protocol IEEE802.15.4 configured in mesh network topology. The mesh network topology...

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