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Flexible and Transparent Graphene Microheater

Microheaters are devices which are capable of rapid localised heating within a micro-scale region. The combination of high response and a compact...

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Nurse Call System (Version 2)

The increase of clients in nursing homes reflects the greying Singapore population. With this, service quality and therefore the well-being of clients residing in these...

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Remote Data Acquisition for Failure Analysis With ISGD (Integrated Sensor Gateway for Digitisation)

Monitoring and improving product reliability is a main concern in multi-stage manufacturing...

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Integrated Sensor Gateway for Digitisation ( ISGD)

Current IoT Gateways in the market are industry/sector specific and do NOT have the ready-to-use built-in functions that can be easily...

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Secured IoT Gateways

Security is a major hindrance for wide scale adoption of IoT. Constant sharing of information between devices and users could occur without the consent of related and authorized...

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W8-Scope: Fine-Grained Monitoring of Weight Stack-based Exercises

Fine-grained, unobtrusive and individualized monitoring of gym exercises is a high-value problem.  Quantified insights can help...

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STRAIT: Secure and Privacy-Customisable Data Transmission for Internet-of-Things

The growth of smart, autonomous and connected devices in our everyday lives is also punctuated by the vulnerability of...

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Configurable & Scalable Digital-based Real-time Security Monitoring System

It is mandatory that there must be a security guardhouse to control access to highly secured buildings and complexes....

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A Smartwatch to Help Users Crush Their Goals

Our technology has never just been about building boxes users put on to train with. It’s about the user finding better ways to help them achieve their...

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