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Time Attendance System with Portable RFID Readers

This system automates the marking of attendance in events, such as seminars, in-house training, company meetings, using RFID. It helps to improve...

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Visual Object Search

Visual object search in large-scale image and video datasets is gaining increasing traction from industry and academia in recent years. Given a query object such as a logo, the...

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Truck Platooning Matchmaking: A Solution to Enable the Formation of Truck Platoons by Using Real-time Operational and Logistics Data

The deployment of truck platooning – heavy-goods vehicles driving...

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Multilevel Energy Optimization: Assessment of the Potential of CO2-reduction Measures in the Transport Sector

The transportation and logistics industry is one of the main contributors to carbon...

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Truck Turnaround Time and Estimated Time of Arrival Predictors for Logistics Optimization

Container terminals typically focus on minimizing berth time of the container vessels for loading and...

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Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Indoor Navigation Especially on Urban Transit Systems

Common apps like Google Maps and City Mapper face challenges in determining accurate users' location in environment...

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Obstacle Avoidance Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles

Conventional autonomous navigation algorithm does not incorporate parameters like, shape, the size of the vehicle into consideration....

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Cooperative Automated Last Mile Technology

We provide software algorithms for cooperative automated driving, specifically applied to last mile solutions. A people mover (Figure 1, courtesy of EASYMILE...

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Accurate Motion Analysis Solutions based on Wearable Sensors

Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, this technology provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports, Wellness and Healthcare...

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