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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Natural Language Processing & Semantic Technology )

AI-Powered Chat Platform

We provide an AI-powered Chat Platform that automates the setup of intelligent chat interfaces to engage users instantly.Traditional chatbots typically require tedious set-up...

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The Intelligence Engine for Capital Markets - Leveraging ML and AI to Detect Unforeseen Event Risk

Our company is a Capital Markets Intelligence Company, a unique combination of Capital Markets...

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Enterprise Call Centre Software Solutions with Business Intelligence

Founded in 1993, the company has developed a software solution for the call centre industry which collects VoIP call information...

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Augment Sales with Emotion Based Selling to Customers

Using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding techniques, the technology is able to provide an in-depth emotional analysis of...

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Voice Automation, Workflow & Analytics Software for Corporates

We create B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) applying artificial intelligence to state-of-the-art voice recognition, speech-to-text...

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A Cognitive Automation Solution

An AI-enabled cognitive automation solution that automates data movement and processing of transactions by mimicking keyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate...

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Robo-Analyst: Your One-stop AI and Big Data Powered Financial Advisement Solution

Investors frequently need to scavenge for a myriad of related information online and filter out the non-essential ones...

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Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) Technology for Trade Finance Automation

This technology offer is a state-of-the-art Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)...

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Massive Localisation for E-Commerce and Digital Businesses in S.E.A.

Businesses should seize the current opportunity of tapping into the potential of Southeast Asia, the world's fastest growing...

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