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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Natural Language Processing & Semantic Technology )

Knowledge Worker Automation with Artificial Intelligence

We are a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specialising in transforming completely unstructured information to valuable knowledge...

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Natural Language Process, Machine Learning & Data Visualization

The software platform that uses natural language processing & machine learning to synthesize and analyze massive text-based datasets...

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New Generation Communication tool for Blue-collar, Physical and Temporary Workers

There are 2.2 billion blue-collar without a company e-mail address or any other digital communication channel by their...

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Bus Analytics Using Twitter

Typically, there are many channels of feedback available for commuters to relay their sentiments towards certain issues related to the public transportation system in...

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Artificial Intelligence to Power Chat and Voice Bots to Drive Business Efficiency

Current customer service channels are expensive, inefficient and frustrating for customers which is why we created...

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Predictive People Analytics

Our company predictive analytics is for people operating in the Human Capital Management (HCM) market. Our market-leading software platform, in conjunction with our...

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An A.I. Solution that Understands Your Contracts - An Innovative Platform to Know Your Obligations

Our platform is a legal risk management platform that gives you knowledge from your legal data. We...

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AI Platform for Recruiting - Providing Email AI for Outbound Hiring and Video AI for Pre-Screening Video Interview

The AI-based solution combines video intelligence and advanced Artificial...

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An Enterprise Grade Natural Language Processing Platform - to Automate Business Conversations Across Chat, Email and Voice

This AI-based solution uses Natural language Processing (NLP) and advanced...

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