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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Natural Language Processing & Semantic Technology )

Chatbot Technology

We build custom chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and complex system integration. We integrate them in messaging platforms such as Messenger, Viber or WeChat, but we can...

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Text Analytics and Cognitive Computing Technology

We offer a patented text analytics technology that transforms the way organizations find, comprehend and use information. The software bases its...

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Bus Analytics Using Twitter

There is much feedback on a public transportation system that can be found on the Social Media platform. However, they are not easy to analyse. As the information often...

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Corporate Semantic Search Engine

We specialize on information access by applying advanced aritificial intelligence. This technology is an enterprise-grade search engine that exploits the meaning of...

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Virtual Assistant using Natural Language Processing

We specialize on information access by applying advanced AI. This technology is a Conversational Assistant supporting both oral and written...

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Fraudulent Claims Algo-Based Detector

Fraud detection in insurance claims  is finally here. This is an innovative text mining tool which uses algorithm based text analysis. It is developed to...

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