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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Natural Language Processing & Semantic Technology )

Predictive People Analytics

Our company predictive analytics is for people operating in the Human Capital Management (HCM) market. Our market-leading software platform, in conjunction with our...

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BotBuilder - AI-Based Platform to Automatize B2C Communication

Every company has to deal with communication with its customers, which is very time consuming and expensive. Since the beginning of the...

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New Generation Communication tool for Blue-collar, Physical and Temporary Workers

There are 2.2 billion blue-collar without a company e-mail address or any other digital communication channel by their...

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Voice-Command and Contactless Elevator/Lift Control

The Singapore-based company has strong know-how of design and development of AI interfaces and human-machine interaction.They have access to multi-...

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Email AI for Outbound Hiring and Video AI for Pre-Screening Video Interview in Recruitment

The AI-based solution combines video intelligence and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine...

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Time-Efficient Curation and Quality Assurance of Clinical and Phenotype Big Data

Two challenges have been bothering bioinformaticians, biobanks and researchers for a long time: the tedious, manual and...

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Enterprise Grade Natural Language Processing Platform to Automate Business Conversations

This AI-based solution uses Natural language Processing (NLP) and advanced Machine Learning (ML) to automate...

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AI-Powered Chat Platform

We provide an AI-powered Chat Platform that automates the setup of intelligent chat interfaces to engage users instantly.Traditional chatbots typically require tedious set-up...

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The Intelligence Engine for Capital Markets - Leveraging ML and AI to Detect Unforeseen Event Risk

Our company is a Capital Markets Intelligence Company, a unique combination of Capital Markets...

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