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Millimeter Wave High-Speed Wireless Communication Systems

Millimeter wave (mmWave) systems employing directional antennas and advanced beamforming techniques deliver performance beyond that of typical...

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Private Cellular Network Platform

A rapidly deployable LTE-based full stack solution comprising of an eNodeB in a small and lightweight enclosure and a virtualised EPC stack. This platform is able to...

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Smart Waste Management System

This system includes battery operated sensors to detect if a bin is filled, and communicate this information to an Application server on the Internet through a wireless...

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Virtual SIM Management Platform

This cloud based virtual SIM management platform removes the physical SIM card from mobile devices and places it in the cloud. The platform is then able to dynamically...

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Multi-hop, Scalable and Dynamic Wireless Backhaul Technologies

PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE) is an embedded system application that adds a multi-hop communication capability to a wireless platform...

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60 GHz Millimeter Wave Multi-Gigabit Connectivity for the Data-Driven Society

In today's data-driven society, the amount of data generated and processed is continually increasing. This, in turn,...

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Cloud Network Access Control

Harness the Power of the Cloud to Make Managing Your Network Security Easier than Ever. No more unknown, unmanaged, unsecured devices in your network. Device platform...

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Intelligence Reconstruction Gear OS (IRGO) and and Real-Time Packet Reconstruction Technology (RTPR) for Cyber Security & Intelligence

The marketplace requires a breakthrough network packet forensics...

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3i-Filter - Layer 7 DPI Packet Content Finder and Filtering for Cyber Security & Cyber Intelligence

The 3i-Filter (L7 DPI Packet Content Filtering System)allows large-scale real-time deep packet...

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