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Automatic Domain Name System (DNS) naming for an IoT device

This technology is a Domain Name System (DNS) naming method for an IoT device, and provides a method of automatically generating a DNS...

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Thin Film Microwave Radiation Absorbent Material

Radiation-absorbent material (RAM), is a material used to absorb incident radio frequencies (RF) from all possible directions. A good RAM coating...

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Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Indoor Navigation Especially on Urban Transit Systems

Common apps like Google Maps and City Mapper face challenges in determining accurate users' location in environment...

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Industrial IoT Server using global standard OPC UA

An Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) framework requires integration of traditional automation networks to enterprise IT systems. Historically,...

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Method and System for Collaborative Security Key Generation for Ad-hoc Internet of Things (IoT) Nodes

Security of the IoT nodes are increasingly becoming an important and critical challenge to solve...

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Smart Waste Management System

This system includes battery operated sensors to detect if a bin is filled, and communicate this information to an Application server on the Internet through a wireless...

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Anomaly Detection Technology for Cyber Security

Many organizations try to improve their protection against cyber-attacks, but are unable to tell whether their efforts are successful. For example, how...

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TV White Space Super Wi-Fi

Demand for wireless communication is ever-increasing. However, the frequency spectrum is a scarce resource that cannot be created. This has resulted in an issue commonly...

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Random Network Coding In Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) Networks Using Control Signaling

Network coding has the potential to address the ever increasing number of users and...

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