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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Networks & Communications )

Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Technology

We have developed an underwater wireless optical communication modem (UWOCM) that offers excellent data transmission speed, a short standby time...

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Middleware for Co-bot and Machines Integration

This invention falls under the category of software. Generally, the industry may refer to it as middleware or control software. With the i4.0 bringing...

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A Fast and Flexible Provenance Scheme for Industrial Control Systems

Successful attacks against industrial control systems (ICS) often exploited the insufficiency of security checking mechanisms — e.g...

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Micro-Beacon System for Monitoring and Tracking

The Micro-Beacon system consists of tiny (<10mm) battery-operated beacons and a network of one or more receivers. These beacons may be tagged onto...

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Stand-off Concealed Threat Detection that Saves Lives

Stand-off concealed threat detection, fully automated concealed threat detection solution based on mm-wave radar technology. Detecting concealed...

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Wireless Data Transmission via Ultrasound in Metallic/Explosive Environment

We have developed a wireless data transmission via ultrasound system. Our technology transforms any speaker or sound system...

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Physical Distancing via Mobile Phones and Badges

COVID-19 has triggered the need for physical distancing. It is not always easy to be aware of respecting physical distance in all circumstances. We...

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Industrial Grade Mission-Critical Wireless Solutions for Factory Automation

Factories require flexible and adaptable machines, mobile equipment and intelligent devices requiring industrial-grade,...

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3-in-1 Asset Tracker - BLE/Wi-fi/GPS Indoor and Outdoor applications

Nowadays indoor tracking systems require heavy infrastructure set up, and it could be a big challenge when the users simply want to...

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