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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Robotics & Automation )

Fully-Autonomous Delivery Robot

In logistics, workers perform manual retrieval of goods during order picking. The manual labour involved decreases the workers’ accuracy and efficiency as they are...

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Modular and Easily Reconfigured Manufacturing Cells

Typical production lines in a factory are highly customised and expensive to reconfigure. Stations were centrally controlled by a PLC and sensors...

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Truck Platooning Matchmaking: A Solution to Enable the Formation of Truck Platoons by Using Real-time Operational and Logistics Data

The deployment of truck platooning – heavy-goods vehicles driving...

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The System of Formation of Passports of Trains with Recognition of Numbers of Wagons

Usually, large enterprises need to carry out transportation on their territory, as well as between branches of the...

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Obstacle Avoidance Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles

Conventional autonomous navigation algorithm does not incorporate parameters like, shape, the size of the vehicle into consideration....

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Free Space Technology and Its Applications to Automotive and Robotics

Free space is defined as the area in front of a vehicle (robot), devoid of obstacles that might obstruct movement of the vehicle....

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Anti-Drone Solution

Commercially available Anti-Drone solutions usually use jammer (jamming the frequencies used by the drones to make the drone crash or go away), net (by another drone or from the...

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Cooperative Automated Last Mile Technology

We provide software algorithms for cooperative automated driving, specifically applied to last mile solutions. A people mover (Figure 1, courtesy of EASYMILE...

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Asset Tracking using Beacons

This project has implemented a platform for the user to setup a tracking project. The user can register beacons, and assign them to either equipment or locations through...

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