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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Security & Privacy )

Facial Recognition System

A facial recognition system aims to identify or verify a person from a digital image or a video frame.Facial recognition technology typically used in security/...

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License Plate Recognition and Car Detection

License Plate Recognition (LPR) system can be deployed all day to perform surveillance and illegal parking deterrence and reduce reliance on human...

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Model-Based Cybersecurity Assessment Software Tool

The model-based cybersecurity assessment software tool supports holistic security assessment of complex critical infrastructures systems, such...

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Secured IoT Gateways

Security is a major hindrance for wide scale adoption of IoT. Constant sharing of information between devices and users could occur without the consent of related and authorized...

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STRAIT: Secure and Privacy-Customisable Data Transmission for Internet-of-Things

The growth of smart, autonomous and connected devices in our everyday lives is also punctuated by the vulnerability of...

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Cloud-Based Standalone Secure Locking System for Access Control

The standalone locking solution leverages the functional elements of a lockset and the latest technologies to meet enterprise...

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Bank-Grade Clone Proof QR Code for Brand Protection: Anti-Counterfeiting, Track & Trace, and Consumer Marketing

Anti-counterfeiting technology is an indispensable asset in times of widespread...

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Person Re-Identification with Attribute Recognition

When face recognition fails, person re-identification is needed.With person re-identification, we aim to determine whether a given person has ...

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Biometric Signature Verification

Biometric verification is the verification of a person’s identity through one of his/her biometric data (e.g. biometric signature, fingerprint). Signature verification...

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