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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Security & Privacy )

Zero Trust Cybersecurity for IoT - powered by SDP and Blockchain technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects numerous everyday devices, opening up previously closed systems to remote access...

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A fully automated and self-service Secure Locking System for Access Control with electronic workflow and auditing

This techology is a fully automated physical security locking solution system that...

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Signature Biometrics for Privacy-friendly Authentication

Connecting a person's biological and virtual identities a long-standing challenge. The electronic signature is the gate to secure online...

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Civilised Blockchain: High-Speed, Ultra-Scalable, and Regulatory-Compliant Full-Stack Distributed Ledger Technology

A Polish company has built its own full stack blockchain/DLT platform that...

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Lip Password: Double Security System for Identity Authentication

The use of biometric data such as fingerprints to unlock mobile devices and verify identity at immigration and customs counters are...

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An End-to-End Database Homomorphic Encryption Layer

Our technology is a database encryption solution that provides per-column encryption granularity and enables operations over encrypted columns...

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Distributed Cloud Storage Using Blockchain Technology - The Little Cube For Big Data

The Problem – Legacy infrastructure, an ever-increasing demand The current eco-system is based on single unsecured...

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Endpoint-based Monitoring and Incident Response

Network-based security systems have been the standard in the past for corporate security.  Technology such as legacy SIEM-SOC (Security Information...

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Business Email Compromise Training

Business Email Compromise training is a service for simulating a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack on your organization.  BEC is a very costly type of...

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