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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Security & Privacy )

Electronic Devices Identification Using Hardware Characteristics

We have developed a technology to uniquely identify electronic devices using hardware characteristics through a manufacturing agnostic...

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Bank-Grade Clone Proof QR Code for Brand Protection: Anti-Counterfeiting and Track & Trace

Anti-counterfeiting technology is an indispensable asset in times of widespread circulation of counterfeit...

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Lip Password: Double Security System for Identity Authentication

The use of biometric data such as fingerprints to unlock mobile devices and verify identity at immigration and customs counters are...

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Driverless Data Diode and AI Extensions

With the rise of evolving cyberattacks and quantum computing, we have innovated the world's first driverless data diode and developed an artificial intelligence...

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Fully Automated, Secure Lock System For Access Control With Electronic Workflow And Audit

This techology is a fully automated physical security locking solution system that incorporates access control...

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Secure Remote Access Solution for Work from Home during Covid-19

With countries announcing lockdowns and employees are forced to work from home due to Covid-19, many businesses found themselves in an...

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Model-Based Cybersecurity Assessment Software Tool

The model-based cybersecurity assessment software tool supports holistic security assessment of complex critical infrastructures systems, such...

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Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration with Military-grade Security and Ease of Access

With rise of data breach incidents and stringent data privacy and compliance norms, organizations are feeling...

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Helping Cyber Insurers in Crafting Policies

Our company help cyber insurers to write policies at the right price using data-driven cyber risk insights derived directly from policyholder...

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