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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Security & Privacy )

Endpoint-based Monitoring and Incident Response

Network-based security systems have been the standard in the past for corporate security.  Technology such as legacy SIEM-SOC (Security Information...

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Business Email Compromise Training

Business Email Compromise training is a service for simulating a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack on your organization.  BEC is a very costly type of...

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Face Tracking and 3D Face Filters

Use Face Tracking Technology to detect facial features and emotions in real time. Face Tracking can be used to add filters like hat, moustache and glasses...

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Secured IoT Gateways

Security is a major hindrance for wide scale adoption of IoT. Constant sharing of information between devices and users could occur without the consent of related and authorized...

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Quantum-Resistant Electronic Digital Signature

Researchers from a university in Russia have developed a revolutionary algorithm for a quantum-stable digital signature and public key based on results...

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STRAIT: Secure and Privacy-Customisable Data Transmission for Internet-of-Things

The growth of smart, autonomous and connected devices in our everyday lives is also punctuated by the vulnerability of...

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Network Security Protocol for Internet-of-Things (IoT) & Operational Technology (OT) Networks and Devices

Securing embedded IoT devices and networks are challenging due to the limited computing...

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Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Compliance in Safety and Security

There has recently been a significant desire across industries and sectors to exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially...

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License Plate Recognition and Car Detection

License Plate Recognition (LPR) system can be deployed all day to perform surveillance and illegal parking deterrence and reduce reliance on human...

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