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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Smart Cities )

Massive Crowd Monitoring System

A real-time decision support system that monitors signals from smart phones and devices in large area. This potentially gives new insights to crowd in large areas...

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Bluetooth-based Indoor Location Tracking Solution

Radio frequency localization principle is based on measurement of Received Signal Strength (RSS) from the anchor transmitters. Further corrections are...

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Business Analytics Tools & Application Platform

A Business Analytics Tools and Application Platform that enables rapid deployment of Smart Applications for data analytics oriented solutions, such...

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Truck Turnaround Time and Estimated Time of Arrival Predictors for Logistics Optimization

Container terminals typically focus on minimizing berth time of the container vessels for loading and...

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Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Indoor Navigation Especially on Urban Transit Systems

Common apps like Google Maps and City Mapper face challenges in determining accurate users' location in environment...

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Anti-Drone Solution

Commercially available Anti-Drone solutions usually use jammer (jamming the frequencies used by the drones to make the drone crash or go away), net (by another drone or from the...

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Sensor Derived Contextual Intelligence into Human Behavior: Work & Life Style, Mobility, Health

Our proprietary sensor fusion and contextual intelligence platform enables companies and service...

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IoT Always-Connected Smart Padlock for Controlling Access to Stationary and Movable Assets at Large Enterprise and Government Customers

Physical Access Control technology is widely used for securing...

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Indoor Navigation-Based Consumer Engagement Programme for Malls and Other Venues

Human beings are naturally adept at engaging in games and competitions. Winning a contest, solving a riddle or simply...

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