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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Speech/Audio Analysis & Speech Recognition )

Real-Time Social Feedback using Non-Verbal Audio Visual Cues

When human beings communicate, their non-verbal behavioral cues contain a lot of information about the social state they are in. This...

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Real-time Sociometrics

Real-time Sociometrics is a system that can provide meaningful, real-time feedback to people on their social behaviour to facilitate communication. The key elements of this...

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Highly Secure 3-Factor Voice Authentication and Signature

This technology is a patented 3-factor in 1-touch Voice-Biometric solutions for Secure Authentications and Voice E-Signatures.It is an...

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Mixed Reality Technologies (Machine Learning & AI, Hardware, IoT and Software) For Simulation and Training

Tag Team Inc designs and builds Hardware including printed circuit boards (PCBs) / sensors...

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Computerized Speech Diagnosis System

Computerized speech analysis system is an instrument system of sound analysis and data management function, with digital sound sensing and processing equipment,...

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