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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Speech/Audio Processing )

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Music Classification, Search and Playlisting Tool for the Music Industry

This technology offer is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can listen to music...

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Sound-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution for Predictive Maintenance of Machinery

This technology offer is a predictive diagnostic technology based on sound, for the early detection of...

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A System for Improving 3D Audio Generation

The ability to generate 3D audio is highly desirable to create an auditory experience which provides a certain level of spaciousness and envelopment....

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Parametric Assistive Hearing Device (PAHD) to enhance listening for hearing impaired and elderly

Hearing problems are among the most common complications which affect the quality of life of the...

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Speaker as a Microphone

This technology consists of a hardware and software solution to improve audio zoom and background noise isolation. With a single chipset, the Speaker-as-Microphone technology...

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