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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Video/Image Analysis & Computer Vision )

Emotion Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

We are a leading provider of software solutions for facial expression analysis and emotion recognition. Using advanced image processing and computer...

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Semantic Depth Prediction System (SDPS) Navigation Solution for GPS Denied Environment

Semantic Depth Prediction System (SDPS) is a vision-based navigation solution that relies on a monocular camera...

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Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Enabled Secure Visitor Management System

A Singapore company has developed an automated number plate recognition software (ANPR) that offers a cost effective...

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Low-power, Secured, Learn-on-the-fly Facial Recognition Multi-Platform Module

Facial recognition is one of the most popular non-invasive security technologies in use, given the ever-present threats in...

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AI-based Real-Time Monitoring of Abnormal Human Activity and Behavioural Pattern Recognition

This technology leverages on deep learning in computer vision to develop a generic video analytics platform...

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Remote Sub-Skin Imaging Software for Medical Diagnostics

Conventional diagnostic imaging of the skin involves the use of dermatoscopes. Dermatoscopes use skin surface microscopy to examine dermal and...

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Visitor Profile Analysis & Targeted Advertising via Computer Vision

Our R&D products are based on computer vision and machine learning. This technology utilised our expertise on facial recognition...

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Image Recognition Technology with Interactive QRCode

This technology is an image recognition solution that can be used directly in users' platforms or through a cloud-based solution. It is available...

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Visitor Behaviour and Flow Analysis

Based on Deep Learning, this digital solution detects (including demographics such as age range and gender), counts, tracks and analyzes flow in spaces with busy...

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