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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Video/Image Analysis )

Large-Scale Image Search API

The large-scale image search refers to the discovery of images contained within large database that describe the same object as those depicted by a query image. Using this...

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Visual Object Search

Visual object search in large-scale image and video datasets is gaining increasing traction from industry and academia in recent years. Given a query object such as a logo, the...

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Remote Sub-Skin Imaging Software for Medical Diagnostics

Conventional diagnostic imaging of the skin involves the use of dermatoscopes. Dermatoscopes use skin surface microscopy to examine dermal and...

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3D Vision System for Industrial Applications

Our company develops smart state of the art 3D vision systems. The deep scientific research was transformed into a unique patented technology of an...

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Object Tracking with Dual-Layer Design, High Speed Deblurring and Car License Plate Recognition (LPR)

This video analytics technology, with licence plate recognition with high speed deblurring,...

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Automatic License Plate Recognition System for Wide Application of Use Cases

The automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system is able to be deployed all day to perform surveillance and illegal...

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Generic Object Recognition

In images or video sequences, objects may appear in different sizes and scales, translated, rotated, or even partially obstructed from view. Furthermore, illumination may...

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Edge Computing with Deep Learning and Computer Vision on Raspberry Pi

This technology turns Raspberry Pi 3 into an intelligent gateway with deep learning algorithms running on it. No...

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Crowd Density Monitoring System

This is a platform in the cloud where crowd monitoring projects can be setup and configured. Camera integrated Raspberry Pi units are used as the built-in camera can be...

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