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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Video/Image Processing )

AI-based Solution for 3D Printer Failure-Detection and Remote Management

A 3D print jobs can take several hours to complete. When a print fails, a user may be outside house or sleeping, and the...

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eCommerce Product Categorisation Automation

We have designed and implemented a product categorisation solution to help eCommerce retailers automatically categorise products and add product attribute...

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Actionable Multi-Camera Live Video Streaming

We bring a new dimension into an entire live video streaming ecosystem.Presenters can upload any number of camera sources at any location through our cloud...

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Lossless Image and Video Compression with Mode-Dependent Template

Lossless video and image compression allows original data to be perfectly reconstructed from compressed data, and reduces a file’s...

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3D Mesh Simplification Tool

Our technology is a simple to use tool for textured 3D mesh simplification. The mesh can be simplified to any level desired by the user. Both the geometry and texture...

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Embeddable Image Enhancement Technology

This UK technology is a new image enhancement technique that provides automatic and unobtrusive enhancement of colour video streams, including high-definition,...

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Automatically Generated Synthetic Data for Computer Vision Neural Networks Training

Using machine learning for computer vision applications is extremely time consuming since many pictures need to be...

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3D Reconstruction, Recognition, and Analysis via Mobile Phone

We develop end-to-end 3D solutions using 3 key technologies for reconstruction, recognition, and analysis. Our recognition technology...

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Image Technology for Modifying Facial Expressions in Group Selfie

With the advent of digital cameras and smart phones, most people love to take group photos whenever they get together on any occasion...

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