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BotBuilder - AI-Based Platform to Automatize B2C Communication

Every company has to deal with communication with its customers, which is very time consuming and expensive. Since the beginning of the...

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An AI-Assisted Social Distance Monitoring System (SDMS)

In response to the devastating restrictions on socializations in public places imposed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many workplaces,...

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Automated Testing of Web Platforms with AI to Support Intelligent Test Writing

A Hungary company based off Budapest, with years of experience in web platform test framework, has created a product for...

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Online Virtual Experience (OVE) for MICE Industry

Online Virtual Experience (OVE) is a brand new virtual platform that enables your MICE (Meetings-Incentives-Conference-Exhibitions) expos and...

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Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Enabled Secure Visitor Management System

A Singapore company has developed an automated number plate recognition software (ANPR) that offers a cost effective...

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Virtual Collaboration - 3D Collaboration in VR with a Virtual Office

With the COVID-19, companies had to rapidly adapt to working remotely. Even with several tools, we’re still lacking real contact...

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WiFi-Driven Business Applications

Restaurant or retail owners want to know their customers. They want to know their likes, age groups and interest groups. How can merchants track such data easily and...

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Business Email Compromise Training

Business Email Compromise training is a service for simulating a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack on your organization.  BEC is a very costly type of...

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Next-Generation Marketplace Technologies

The company offers enterprise solutions for building out the next generation of electronic marketplaces for traditional, new or emerging assets. We help...

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