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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Wireless Technology )

Secure End-to-End IoT Connectivity

IoT can assist in the integration of communications, control, and information processing across various applications. Wireless sensor network (WSN) refers...

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Battery-free Wireless Body Sensor Networks for Human Physiological Signs Monitoring

Networks of sensors placed on the skin can provide continuous measurement of human physiological signals for...

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Wireless Non-clogging Ultrasonic Diffuser

A Singapore company has developed a diffusing technology for use with liquid active materials, such as essential oils, fragrance oils or water based...

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End-to-end Indoor Location Tracking Solution to Streamline Operations in Factories, Warehouses and Hospitals

Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare...

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A Cuttable Wireless Power Transfer Sheet which Allows Users to Modify its Size and Shape

Wireless power transfer sheets using designated charging cradles have reached the stage of commercialization in...

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An Efficient Multi-hop Network based on the Sub-GHz Low-power Wide-area (LPWA) Technology - CT-LoRa

This is a technology which allows to build an efficient multi-hop network based on the sub-GHz low-...

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Wireless Sensing (WISE) Platform for On-demand Monitoring of Post-surgical Complication

A wireless sensing (WISE) platform has been successfully developed for real-time, continuous monitoring of post-...

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Wireless e-Textiles

Wireless networks of wearable devices have so far been limited by challenges in the radiative loss, interference, and data security that are inherent to the use of radio-wave...

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Using Radio Frequency Beamforming to support Battery-less Wearable

This technology harvests Radio Frequency (RF) energy while supporting gesture tracking applications that require energy-intensive...

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