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Technology Offers ( Infocomm - Wireless Technology )

Time Attendance System with Portable RFID Readers

This system automates the marking of attendance in events, such as seminars, in-house training, company meetings, using RFID. It helps to improve...

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Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System: Real-Time, Multiplex and Wireless

This technology provides aquaculture farmers with real-time information on multiple key quality parameters of the water...

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Integrated Internet of Things (IoT) Hub with Data Analytics for Productivity and Business Decisions

Our technology and solution aims to overcome some of the common problems faced by businesses today...

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Cooperative Automated Last Mile Technology

We provide software algorithms for cooperative automated driving, specifically applied to last mile solutions. A people mover (Figure 1, courtesy of EASYMILE...

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Real-time tracking of personnel and cargo during complex lifting and handling operations.

Our product is a real-time personnel tracking system, that gives operators on vessels or offshore...

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Asset Tracking using Beacons

This project has implemented a platform for the user to setup a tracking project. The user can register beacons, and assign them to either equipment or locations through...

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Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Chipset and Application Examples

Impulse UWB has broad area of application opportunities because of its unique time domain behavior. The alternate UWB implementation MB-OFDM (...

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Indoor Navigation-Based Consumer Engagement Programme for Malls and Other Venues

Human beings are naturally adept at engaging in games and competitions. Winning a contest, solving a riddle or simply...

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24bit Hi-Fi Sound Integration for Wireless Audio

This technology consists of a hardware and software solution to improve wireless audio resolution transmitted over Bluetooth connectivity, improving...

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