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Covid-Guard Technology - Seamless Check-In Experience with Thermal and Mask Detection

Enterprises will be required to comply with governmental regulations that arises from the current COVID-19...

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Warehouse Pick-Path Optimization

With increasing demand and shorter fulfilment times for orders across different industries, the need to fill these orders more efficiently through optimal manpower...

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Software for Monitoring of Drowsiness and Other Cognitive States

This technology offer is by a team with expertise in the development of solutions for measuring physiological and cognitive states. The...

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A Novel Graph Optimization Approach to Localization with Application for Unmanned Systems

GOAL is concerned with 2-D plane and 3-D space localization technology for robots. The methodology leverages...

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Remote Data Acquisition for Failure Analysis

Monitoring and improving product reliability is a main concern in multi-stage manufacturing processes. The reduction of human labour in manufacturing...

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An Efficient Multi-hop Network based on the Sub-GHz Low-power Wide-area (LPWA) Technology

This is a technology which allows to build an efficient multi-hop network based on the sub-GHz low-power wide-...

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Artificial Intelligence Based Music Classification, Search and Playlisting Tool

This technology offer is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can listen to music tracks, and is able to...

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Mesh Connectivity for Mobile Devices

Our technology combines cloud-streaming, device-to-device mesh connectivity, and rich geolocation services to deliver mobile notifications and content quickly,...

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Suite Containing Innovative AI Models For Industry Application

The company is based in Poland with strong research backgrounds. They have excellent engineers and PhD...

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