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Mental Health Therapy and Training in Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

A Virtual Pharmacy of research-backed virtual reality (VR) applications: including Stress/Burnout Management through relaxation...

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Helping Cyber Insurers in Crafting Policies

Our company help cyber insurers to write policies at the right price using data-driven cyber risk insights derived directly from policyholder devices....

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Mobile Payment Service, E-Wallet, QR Payment

We are a One-Stop Mobile Payment Service Provider, which helps you start the mobile payment business, offering a complete set of solutions ranging between...

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An Open Finance Platform Bridging on-and-off Chain Asset Flow, Powering Synthetic Assets and Margin Trading

Problems/Opportunities Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one of the most active areas...

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Next-Generation Marketplace Technologies

The company offers enterprise solutions for building out the next generation of electronic marketplaces for traditional, new or emerging assets. We help...

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Mobile App Protection and Fraud Management

Trusted Application Kit (T.A.K) secured mobile apps diagnose and protect themselves at runtime with our next-generation technology. T.A.K delivers...

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The Intelligence Engine for Capital Markets - Leveraging ML and AI to Detect Unforeseen Event Risk

Our company is a Capital Markets Intelligence Company, a unique combination of Capital Markets...

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Ultralow-Power AI Visual Sensor for Battery Operated & IoT Applications

This technology offer is an always-on artificial intelligence (AI) visual sensor that consumes less than 1 mW of power, and is...

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Program and Run All Robots with Process-/Task-Knowledge only using a Hand-Operated Tool

A German start-up has developed a technology that enables everyone to program and run an industrial robot using...

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