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Accurate Motion Analysis Solutions based on Wearable Sensors

Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, this technology provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports, Wellness and Healthcare...

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Pedestrian Smart Mobility - 3D Indoor positioning and navigation systems with augmented reality/virtual reality for geolocation applications.

A UK wireless and indoor location software technology...

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Creating Cyber-Physical Social Networks

The Web is becoming an increasingly popular venue for collaboration and socializing. Communities on the Web used to derive relationships from real world social...

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Remote Non-Invasive Epilepsy Seizure Monitoring

The gold standard for seizure diagnosis is to hospitalise a patient for up to 5 days and continuously monitor their EEG and video behaviours while...

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Ageing-in-Place with Unobtrusive Sensing and Data-driven Storytelling

We have developed an unobtrusive sensing system based on the Internet of Things (IoT) with intelligent-agent-mediated storytelling...

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Design and Development of a Comprehensive Information Technology Infrastructure for Data-intensive Applications and Analysis

The technology will advance science to deal with the "Big Data" revolution...

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Sustainable Augmented Health Solution for Individuals Regardless of Age, Location, Disease or Fitness Level

According to WHO inactivity kills more people than smoking. 80% of the population is defined...

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Apparel of the Future

The project aims to reduce the amount of time consumers spend finding a matching outfit and to offer retail stores better insight into customer preferences, trending items and co...

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Social Networking Platform for Travel

Today's online travel agencies have not addressed these key features: Provide search result of hotels that tailor fit the users' lifestyle Engage users...

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