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Low-power, Secured, Learn-on-the-fly Facial Recognition Multi-Platform Module

Facial recognition is one of the most popular non-invasive security technologies in use, given the ever-present threats in...

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Electrochromic Coatings With Variable Tinting for Augmented Reality Glasses

Rapid developments in the utility and performance of consumer electronics and wearable devices give rise to the demand for...

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A Web-based Tool to Identify Workplace Bullying Risk

Worldwide, many employees experienced serious workplace bullying; this has significant negative mental health impacts for workers.There is a gap...

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Real-time Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring and Data Service

A New Zealand company has developed a low-cost and portable system to provide continuous, real-time air quality measurement and monitoring for...

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A Virtual Reality App Aiming to Reduce Pain and Improve Movement in Sufferers of Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Injuries happen to everyone at some stage. Unfortunately, these injuries can result in pain...

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A Graphical User Interface that Allows Non-experts to Filter, Search and Analyse Patient’s Genetic Variants in a Database

High throughput sequencing provides unprecedented power to detect genetic...

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Immersive Panoramic Communication between Remote Users via Mixed Reality System with Shared Environment Setup

Advances in telecommunication technologies have made video conferencing an integral part...

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Manpower Scheduling System

This technology helps to automate shift scheduling and manpower allocation process to improve labour productivity. An effective manpower scheduling is crucial, yet...

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Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (S-MOM)

The S-MOM solution is an integrated Production Planning, Scheduling and Shop Floor Tracking system. It fills the gap between the Enterprise System (...

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