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Machine Vision, Machine Learning, and Mixed Reality for Worker Training

We use machine vision, machine learning, and augmented reality (AR) in order to be able to give real-time feedback if a process...

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Georeferenced Video: Methods for Sensor-Rich Video Management in Mobile Environment

The Georeferenced Video (GeoVid) system acquires and manages videos that are being tagged with sensor properties of...

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Emotion Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

We are a leading provider of software solutions for facial expression analysis and emotion recognition. Using advanced image processing and computer...

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Mobile Augmented Reality Instructional Manuals (MARIM)

The system utilises Augemented Reality (AR) Technology to provide visual instructions overlaid in the real environment for the trainee. The...

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AI-Powered Chat Platform

We provide an AI-powered Chat Platform that automates the setup of intelligent chat interfaces to engage users instantly.Traditional chatbots typically require tedious set-up...

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User Profile Linkage Across Multiple Social Platforms

Increasingly, individuals are using multiple online social networks (OSNs) such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to meet their communication and...

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Web-Based Experimentation Platform for Dietary Self-Tracking, Self-Reporting, and Behavioral Intervention

Our web-based experimentation platform is designed to facilitate continuous collection of...

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SGTrafficWatch: Singapore's Realtime Traffic Watch

This project proposes a traffic data visualisation as an interactive web application service. Using real-time data from data mall (bus location, taxi...

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Web-Based Mobile Crowdsourcing Platform for Food Knowledge Acquisition

The platform is developed as a web application and consists of two main modules that facilitate both the requesters and the...

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