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SaaS Technology for Corporate Change Programs using Performance Analytics

The technology increases the success rate of corporate change programs by guaranteeing effective adoption 4 times faster than...

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Simple Paediatric Vision, Hearing and BMI Screening Platform

This technology makes use of a laptop to deliver the screening and requires minimal skills to supervise in order to screen a large number...

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One-stop Personalized Skin Care Platform Driven By Data Science

The technology is a one-stop platform comprising auto-assessment of skin health phenotype and genotype and recommendation of suitable...

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This sensor-as-a-service offering can kickstart the user's IoT journey with ease. The service includes hardware, software and connectivity. The package features five sensor types:a...

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Smart Parking Solution

Locating a parking lot can be time consuming, and is an inefficient use of fuel. The occupancy state and turnover rate for traditional roadside parking are often not recorded,...

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Multi-Cloud, Multi-Protocol Blockchain Platform as a Service

Our technology is a global blockchain- and cloud- agnostic Platform as a Service (PaaS), providing tools and services to simplify building...

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The Building Block for Integrating White-Labeled, Interactive Dashboards into any SaaS Platform

We answer the increasing demand for easy and accessible data analysis tools and integration. We help...

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Distributed Middleware to Build and Integrate Blockchain Business Solutions

We make it easy to build & integrate government & business solutions with Blockchain technology.We help...

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High Accuracy Global Navigation Satellite System

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), a generic term for satellite navigation systems that provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning with...

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