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Vegan Media Formula for Cordyceps Militaris Cultivation and Medicinal Cordyceps Tea

Cordyceps militaris, is a fungus that naturally grows on certain caterpillar in high land of Himalayan Plateau. It...

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Selective 5-Formylcytosine Chemical Labeling and Related Applications

The chemical reaction on 5fC herein is based on Friedlander reaction, which involves both the 4 -amino group and 5 -formyl group...

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Xeno-free Umbilical Cord Serum for Stem Cell Manipulation for Medical Purposes

Biosafety is a major issue for stem cell therapy and existing approaches of stem cell manipulation require animal serum...

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Enhanced Storage and Distribution Solutions for Therapeutic Mammalian Cell Cultures.

This technology developed offers an effective and simple solution to the challenge of transportation of cell...

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House Dust Mite and American Cockroach Allergens Detection Test Kits

Mouse monoclonal antibodies specific to allergens of HDM (Der p 1 and Der p 2) and American cockroach (Per a 9 or arginine...

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DNA Probe Kits for the Detection of Bacterial Pathogens

Fish aquaculture is constrained by different diseases. Diagnosis is achieved through conventional methods such as microscopy, bacterial culture...

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Smart Nano Environments for Stem Cell Differentiation

With its attractive abilities of self-renewal and differentiation capacity, stem cells are known to have wide applications in regenerative...

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Automated Device for Allodynia Testing and Pain Assessment

Pain is a survival mechanism which is indicative of ongoing or impending damage to human tissues. One in three Americans experience chronic...

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Production of Young Red Blood Cells to Support Drug and Vaccine Development against Plasmodium viva Malaria

Plasmodium vivax is the most geographically widely distributed human malaria parasitecausing...

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