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From Zero to Hero : Re-purposing of Tofu Whey into Fermented Beverages

A large amount of tofu whey is generated on a daily basis as a waste by-product from the manufacture of tofu. Tofu whey, if not...

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Banana Fiber and Coconut Coir Geotextile (BACONET)

Soil erosion and land degradation are global problems that pose major issues in many countries. One of the solutions employed for soil erosion is the...

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Fluorescent Probes for Rapid Detection of Formaldehyde in Food

Formaldehyde in food has caused health concerns in the general public. To protect public health, governments and health organizations...

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High-Level Production of Lycopene

The technology involves the development of an Escherichia coli-based modular system for the production of apocarotenoids. Apocarotenoids such as α-, β-ionone and...

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Growth Factor-free Proliferation & Differentiation of Stem Cell

The conventional methods for cultivating stem cells typically require the use of animals and biochemical growth factors. These methods...

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Lifestyle Biomarker Assessments - The Future Of Lifestyle Insight

The technology enables rapid and accurate detection of lifestyle biomarkers while being user friendly, non-invasive (test based on...

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Human Skin-on-a-Chip for Cost Effective Screening of Chemicals, Drugs and Cosmetic Products

An automated microfluidic system for mimicking the function of the blood flow to culture and test skin...

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Vietnamese Low Cost and High Performance PCR-related Technology Platform

Molecular biology technique, especially PCR or molecular photocopying can be used in a wide variety of research purposes. For...

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Magnetic Carrier for Efficient Purification of Biopolymers

Various methods and carriers are routinely used for the separation of biopolymer molecules, such as mono- and multi-phosphorylated peptides...

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