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Microplate Inserts for Growing Organoids in a Fixed Location

Organoids are “mini-organs” that are grown within a lab using cell culture techniques and have emerged as a useful tool to study the...

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3D Complex Microtissue Culture Platform - Recreating Living Microtissues in the Lab

In the body, cells exist within a complex 3D microenvironment and continuously interact with other cells and their...

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Asian Specific Comprehensive Testing Solution Targeting the Cosmetic Industry

A complete solution that comprised of R&D and Innovation, in vitro to in vivo human based testing, OEM and regulatory...

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Modifiable Porous Hollow Silica Microsphere

A porous hollow silica microsphere that can be used for different applications with high economic and ecological impact has been developed for applications...

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Machine Learning Technology to Support Farmers in Increasing Crop Yields

We are Norway's leading agricultural technology (agri-tech) startup. We have created an intelligent software analysis...

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High Flux and Low Fouling Vibratory Membrane for Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors

This innovative technology is a Vibratory-Stirring (VS) membrane module for submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactors (...

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Energy Harvesting from Low-grade Heat Driven Engine to Pump Liquids

The invention is an engine that converts low-grade thermal energy into mechanical work. The innovation in the proposed solution...

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Upcycling Food Waste into a Sustainable Urban Plant Protein

A Singapore start-up has developed a sustainable source of plant protein fermentating a strain of algae using food waste in fermentation...

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Novel In Vitro Platform for High-throughput Electrophysiological Monitoring

This novel in vitro platform allows the automatic, simultaneous and long-term recording of the activity of neural networks...

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