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Technology Offers ( Manufacturing - Additive Manufacturing )

Fully Automated Precision Micro-Welding with Pulsed Lasers

Welding may often be perceived as a simple manufacturing process but is in fact very complex with many factors affecting quality of the...

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Intelligent Monitoring and Defect Detection System for Powder Bed Fusion Process

Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing has emerged as a promising manufacturing technology due to its advantages...

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World’s only PPC (Plant Protein Composite) Bio Ink and 3D Printed Bioscaffold

Bioscaffold, with potential to recreate structural and physical environment of a living tissue, are key components in...

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Compacting bulky supplement powder into solid capsules that self-dissolves in beverages

Nutritional supplement powders are commonly sold in bulk packaging (several kilograms) that is difficult to...

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Advanced AI Software for Designing Advanced Materials, Superalloys, and Additive Manufacturing from Sparse, Experimental Datasets

We have developed a unique algorithm with a suite of software tools to...

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Flexible And Large Area Of Printed Lighting By Roll-to-roll Processing

The technology described herein is related to the development of a manufacturing technique to produce electroluminscent lighting...

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