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Novel Titanium-Tantalum Alloy for Better Orthopaedic Implants

Titanium alloys such as Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al7Nb are widely used alloys in biomedical applications due to their combination of...

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Geopolymer Concrete Printing

About two decades after its first proof-of-concept, 3D concrete printing is on the threshold to become more matured. It provides new opportunities such as higher degree of...

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Embedding Carbon Nanomaterial onto Polymeric Powders for Improved Additive Manufacturing

A method was developed to produce carbon nanomaterial-reinforced polymeric composites in a powder form, which...

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Adaptive Build Envelope Assembly for Powder-bed 3D Printing Systems

As 3D printing systems undergo technological advancements, their appeal to mainstream manufacturing industries results in the...

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Microporous Polypropylene Membrane

The microporous polypropylene film was developed through a biaxial film stretching process using a precursor polypropylene sheet with an enriched metastable crystal...

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Acoustic Nozzle for Additive Manufacturing

In a conventional dispensing or printing nozzle, the distribution of a multiphase material (solid particles/cells suspended in liquid) is random. Thus, there...

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In-Process Monitoring of Metal 3D Printing

Most metal 3D printers currently available in the market is based on the powder bed fusion (PBF) process. In PBF, the part is built layer-by-layer using a...

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Manufacturing Visibility Sensor Platform

An on-going challenge is the lagging indicators and paper trails resulting from manufacturing-related data. This translates into losses that could have been...

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Advanced AI Software for Designing Advanced Materials from Sparse, Experimental Datasets

We have developed a unique algorithm with a suite of software tools to enable the use of Artificial...

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