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Real-time water quality monitoring and sensing by a smart autonomous surface vessel

The technology described herein is a smart robotic autonomous platform and water sampler, with the ability to...

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High-performance Nanocoating Technology that Bonds Dissimilar Materials

Currently, materials like metals and plastics are joined by glues and fasteners, but they do not offer appropriate adhesion,...

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Responsive, Compact and Silent Micropump

A company has developed a high-performance ultrasonic piezoelectric micropump. The multi award-winning micropump platform coupled with excellent development...

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Wearable Assistive Mobility Exoskeletons

A UK company is finalising the development of years of research and robot standardisation. A core wearable assistive exoskeletons technology will shortly be...

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Fabrication of Large Area, Highly-flexible Metamaterials and Its Potential Application for Organic Electronics

Over the past decade, the development of metamaterial has been aroused interestdue to its...

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Sapphire Thin Film Technology

The technology offers functional coating using a submicron thin film that is ultra-hard, non-fragile and anti-scratch for use as protective coating on watches and...

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Air Filtration Technologies for Clean Environment

Controlling odors and air borne pollutants is one of the most important, and yet challenging especially for wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing...

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Fully Automated Precision Micro-Welding with Pulsed Lasers

Welding may often be perceived as a simple manufacturing process but is in fact very complex with many factors affecting quality of the...

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Overspeed Protection System for Elevators

Several safety devices must be installed in elevator systems for the safety of the passengers in passenger carrying elevators as dictated by law, such as...

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