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Technology Offers ( Materials - Composites (Polymer-Matrix) )

Enhancing Mechanical Performance of Polymers with Unique Aluminium Oxide Nanofibers

A unique nanofiber form of pure aluminium oxide (alumina) was discovered and further developed as an industrial...

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Novel Fabrication Process for Hydrophilic Nanomembrane

Self-supporting porous hydrophilic nanomembranes (PHNM) are made from hydrophilic polymers, which are ideally suited for use in aqueousmedia...

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Embedding Carbon Nanomaterial onto Polymeric Powders for Improved Additive Manufacturing

A method was developed to produce carbon nanomaterial-reinforced polymeric composites in a powder form, which...

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High Density Polymer Composite Material for Construction, Marine, Insulation & Others

 This technology presents a high density polymer composite material that is sturdy, light weight and water...

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Warm Winters, Cool Summers

The global contribution from buildings towards energy consumption, both residential and commercial, has steadily increased to 20% and 40% in developed countries. Among...

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Aroma Films for Food and Beverages

Consumers today not only demand that instant and ready-to-eat meals taste good but also smell good. However, volatile aromatic compounds that are...

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Superhydrophobic Surfaces On Polyurethane Coating Layer

Superhydrophobicity or lotus effect is the ability of the surface to repel water completely, with water contact angle close to or higher than...

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Anti-Scratch Coating

From the perspective of materials mechanics, excellent scratch and mar resistance require the topcoat matrices to have high yield strength to prevent matrix fracture....

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Breathing Apparatus for N95 Respirator Facemask

The patented Breathing Apparatus, called "Mask-Aid", is a system for filtering and supplying air into the respirator facemask, thus providing improved...

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