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Technology Needs ( Materials )

Seeking Innovative Solutions or Technologies to Improve Skin Health

We bring Johnson & Johnson’s unique perspective as a leading healthcare company together with technology expertise and in...

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Seeking Solutions to Enable a more Pleasurable Sexual Experience

Many people do not feel good about sex or their sex life due to emotional anxieties or physical problems. Invested in ensuring that...

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Seeking Chelating Agents for AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steels)

The technology seeker is seeking innovative technologies capable of efficiently and completely removing oxides from Advanced High...

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Seeking Technology Partner and Expertise to Produce Chitosan from Animal Biomass

Chitin is an important biopolymer that is converted to chitosan for use in many industries. The raw material from which...

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Seeking Expertise or Technology to Create SWCNT Dispersions

Due to their thermal conductivity, mechanical and electrical properties, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are potentially useful in a wide variety of...

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Seeking Teeth Whitening Technology or Material

A Chinese consumer care company is seeking novel tooth materials or technologies to improve or develop new oral care products such as toothpaste.The...

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