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Technology Offers ( Waste Management & Recycling )

Lixiviant for High Extraction of Silver from Silver-Coated Solid Wastes

Strongly corrosive acids and highly toxic cyanide-based solutions are currently the most commonly used lixiviants for extraction...

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Robust, Real-Time Outdoor Monitoring of Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids

A New Zealand company has developed a device that provides real-time continuous water turbidity and sediment monitoring,...

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Process for the Delamination of Multilayer Plastic Film

Laminated materials have many technical advantages, but they present a significant problem when it comes to recycling due to the differences in...

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Turning Plastic Waste into Carbon Nanotubes

This technology for conversion of plastic waste into carbon nanotubes has the potential to increase the profit margin in chemical recycling of...

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Battery Management System to Refurbish Lithium-ion Batteries

Recycling or refurbishing of lithium-ion batteries is crucial in tackling the challenges of climate change and air pollution. While there...

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Energy Harvesting from Low-grade Heat Driven Engine to Pump Liquids

The invention is an engine that converts low-grade thermal energy into mechanical work. The innovation in the proposed solution...

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Tactile Telerobot

Robots are being deployed to carry out tasks that are Dull, Dirty, Dangerous, Demanding, Distant and Distributed (Six D's), but they lack intelligence, dexterity and/or human touch....

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Converting Edible Unsold Bread into Probiotic Beverages With Zero Waste Generated

Bread is among the top 3 wasted food globally, with hundreds of tons being discarded daily. Unsold breads are returned...

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Redox Targeting Method for Recycling of Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries Material

With the retirement of massive amount of end-of-life lithium ion batteries (LIBs), proper disposal of the hazardous wastes...

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