[Gov-PACT] Seeking Solution for Mitigation of Solar Intermittency and Optimisation of Energy Consumption Through Demand-side Management - Innovation Call by EMA

Background / Description


The Energy Market Authority (EMA) catalyses energy research and development (R&D) to keep Singapore’s energy options open, enhance supply-and-demand side energy efficiency, and strengthen the resilience of the power system. In line with these objectives, over the past few years, EMA focused R&D efforts in power utilities, energy storage and smart grids. Building on this past momentum, EMA, in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (ESG), is launching a Joint Grant Call for proposals from industry partners to develop and test-bed innovative solutions in solar energy and demand-side management. This Grant Call seeks to help companies build capabilities and innovative solutions relevant to national and industry needs, and potentially transfer technologies from laboratories into the marketplace.

Technical Specifications

Problem Statements

A. Mitigation of Solar Intermittency 

EMA seeks companies to design and develop innovative and cost effective solutions to mitigate solar intermittency for solar companies. The proposed solutions could cover but not limited to solutions relating to smart inverter controls, distributed solar-storage controls. The solution developed from this Problem Statement will help to manage solar intermittency and reduce the intermittency cost that it imposes on the system.


B. Reducing Energy Consumption Through Demand-side Management

EMA seeks companies to design and develop innovative solutions to optimise energy consumption through demand-side management. The proposed solutions could cover but not limited to solutions relating to technologies in smart meters, IoT / communications solutions, sensors, customer-side energy analytics, AI and digitalisation.


Industry Briefing

 An industry briefing will be held to provide potential proposers with more information, as well as provide networking opportunities for project teams to form. Details of the briefing are as follows:


2 Nov 2018




Orchid 4212, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre


Please register your interest to the technical briefing here. Registration will close on 26 Oct 2018.


Application Instructions

Please find the details for the innovation call at the Gov-PACT portal.

The Principal Investigators (PIs) should submit electronic applications to BOTH EMA Energy Research and Development Branch (ERDB) (EMA_EnergyR&[email protected]) and Gov-PACT portal using the Application Form together with all supporting documents. PIs are to state clearly how the proposals address the requirements in the Problem Statement(s). Separate submissions outside of the above channels will not be considered.

The deadline for online submissions on 8 Jan 2018, 12:00pm, Singapore time (UTC +8).


In case of conflicting information, the Gov-PACT portal shall be taken as most updated source.

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