Grand Challenge for Cosmetic and Personal Care Applications

Background / Description

IPI is working with a large multi-national company (MNC) to seek technologies that enables the development of new innovative and disruptive personal care and cosmetic products or make improvement to existing ones.

The MNC is inviting technology startup or young SMEs (less than 10 years old) located in the Asia Pacific region to participate in their Grand challenge. Interested participants should preferably possess intellectual property rights of their technology and have a minimum viable product developed. Successful applicants will get the opportunity to participate in the MNC’s open innovation programme.

The set of challenges that we are seeking to address with novel technologies or solutions are as follows.

Technical Specifications

Interested applicants should be able to offer innovative technologies in the following areas

  1. Personalised diagnostics. Personalised devices or biological (non-invasive) solutions for diagnostics (or predictive diagnostics) to provide personalised beauty or preventive regimes to consumers.
  2. Smart materials. Novel/ smart materials with unique properties that change upon externally applied stimulus for cosmetics applications. The stimulus required to effect the change should preferably not be energy intensive.
  3. Green materials. Naturally-derived and/or renewable materials with novel properties for personal care applications.
  4. Non-invasive delivery methods. Delivery/ targeting technologies that enhance and/or control the non-invasive delivery of active molecules through skin/ scalp/ hair. Liposome-based technology is not of interest.
  5. Hair cleansing. New technologies that can be viable alternatives/means for hair cleansing. Dry shampoo is not of interest.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration

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