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COVID-19 is a pandemic that has just exposed the weakest points in every country, including Singapore. Beyond its immediate impact on health outcomes and, tragically, human lives – the coronavirus outbreak is also very likely to have long-lasting economic and social impacts stemming from the direct and indirect effects of illness. Reduced trade and economic activity have left some of the most vulnerable social groups without jobs, incomes while faced with rising costs of everyday essentials as well as medical supplies. Schools have been shut and services have been suspended. 

While the first few months have been focused on managing the spread of the disease at the cost of the economy and society – it is now time focus be quickly returned to mitigating negative impacts on the most vulnerable in the short and medium-terms. Without immediate intervention to curb this shock, the social costs of this outbreak would be drastic and irreversible.

Technical Specifications

To support the community in co-creating impactful and lasting solutions in these troubled times, IMDA, The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Golden Energy and Resources, GlobalSign.In and ABM Media are coming together to bring you the COVID-19 & Beyond – Innovation For Social Good challenge.

We hope that this effort sets the pace for social-minded groups to come forward with their innovative ideas to address some of the biggest social challenges and issues of the post-COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Sign up’ on the platform and click on ‘Participate’ to tackle one or multiple of the 6 challenges below! 


Problem owner


Problem Statement

Prize Money (SGD)

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)

Neighbourhood Communities

How can we enhance trust and reliance within the neighbourhood communities so as to promote a culture of giving and support, especially for the vulnerable families, by the community for the community?


National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and GlobalSign.In (GSI)

Migrant Workers Access

How might we reduce the barrier for migrant workers to gain access to healthcare services, food, shelter, information, and rights independently so that they are aware of the help available and can ask and receive help in time?


National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)

Food Rescue

How might we leverage digital solutions to create a food rescue or repurpose ecosystem, made up of the food industry, charities, and supporting industry to minimise food wastage in Singapore?


Golden Energy and Resources Ltd (GEAR)

Supply Chain Resources

How might we transform the supply chain into more adaptive, sustainable business models that also meet the demands of societal needs in deeper public-private partnerships?


Golden Energy and Resources Ltd (GEAR)

Employee Testing

How can we balance the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of testing the workforce to ensure their safety and protection while minimising disruption to business operations?


ABM Media

Community Engagement

How might we bring all stakeholders onto a single platform to offer sponsored resources and incentivise their communities for a better match of skills-based volunteering, so as to ensure accountability of sponsored resources and deliver socially responsible activities together?




We are open to global and Singapore-based individuals, research providers and companies that have digital technology expertise and innovation capabilities. Some of these include Info-Comm and Media (ICM) start-ups, SMEs and larger companies. Problem Solvers should have the ability and desire to co-create and innovate with Problem Owners or/and other partners to translate their ideas into solutions that can address real business needs.

Global solvers may apply for challenges on the OIP. However, from time to time, some Problem Owners may require applicants to have a physical presence in Singapore in order to perform a demonstration of the Proof-of-Concept or Prototype. Global applicants must be prepared to bear the additional cost of travel. Applicants are encouraged to check the respective challenges if there are such requirements before applying.

Further Details

Technical details of the problem statements as well as information related to the innovation calls can be found on the IMDA Open Innovation Platform (OIP) which you will be redirected to after clicking on the 'Proceed To Details' button below and filling up a short form with your basic information.

Preferred Business Model

  • R&D Collaboration
  • Business Collaboration (Joint Venture, Distribution)
  • Others

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